Fix Your Dents

Do you remember Fixadent?  My mom used it to keep her dentures in her mouth and my dad used something just like it on car dents.  I’m not sure either worked but I remember both of these uses – and I am thankful I never saw my mom’s teeth slip out of her mouth and fall to the floor!

So,  why did that memory just jump out at me last week?

Well,  I received three samples recently which are what I call quick fixes for my face… mainly wrinkles, but a few ‘dents’ too. I had visions… or more like nightmares of past uses in my head, but I thought why not?  I have a few dents (wrinkles) I need to “fix” … so the testing began.

The first product I tried was REN Bio Retinoid’ Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate Oil.  This is marketed as a synergistic, oil-based complex of pure, potent, 100% naturally derived vitamin A, pro-vitamin A and Retinoid which combats the appearance of wrinkles.   Skin looks firmer, plumper and healthier.  All true and a fun product to use and easy to apply. Clear and gel-like.  The benefits last about 8 hours or as I say, before the clock strikes midnight and you go back to being the real Cinderella.

Filorga, is marketed as a time filler.  You apply this cream in the morning and/or evening to your face, neck and décolleté.  You only need a little dab, which will do ya. Go ahead and apply your makeup since this product makes and ideal makeup foundation.  I liked this product very much.  Instead of just being a ‘fixer’ it is good for your skin and over time can make a difference in your skincare routine.  Great addition to my beauty bag!

My hair guru, Jimmy, talked to me last year about the benefits of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  If the product carries that ‘seal’ it does exactly what it says it will do.  The third product that I tested carries this seal.

Roloxin is a French Skincare product which has only recently been brought to the USA.  It is not readily available but I did find it at Nordstrom.  It comes in 10 single use packets.

To use, start by washing your face and leaving it slightly damp. Activate the packet by massaging it for 10 seconds, then dispense the cream and apply an even layer to your face, avoiding the eye area. Wait seven to 10 minutes for the mask to dry to a white powder (you’ll feel a slight tightening sensation which means it’s working). Rinse it off with warm water and pat dry. Follow with moisturizer and your regular makeup routine.

I want to say this – if you’re drawn to instant gratification products, you’ll love this wrinkle-smoothing mask. Wrinkles smoothes, pores are visibly diminished, and the effects last for up to 24 hours. I have washed my face and seen it still working in the early morning hours… but must admit I get up really early.  Recently Roloxin Lift won the Best of Beauty Breakthrough award from Allure magazine. You can use it daily, but due to the cost I recommend using it for special occasions when you want to feel confident about your skin.

If you are sad add more lipstick –smile – then attack.  Coco Chanel

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