I Love Summertime!

Anyone who sees me thinks I am a sun worshiper.  I love to glow! But!  Anyone who knows me – really knows me – will tell you I glow by products alone.  I used to love the sun… even owned my own sun lamp in my twenties and when tanning beds became the rave – I was a regular with a membership!

After a fews years into that routine, came the sunless tanning products became available. I became a huge fan and have never have looked back.  I can achieve what I want with products like Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pads or visit my friend, Claudia (#glowbyclaudia), and she will airbrush a beautiful tan with a color determined by the seasons.  I still love the sun and do try to get about 15 minutes of Vitamin D sunrays often but if I head to the pool, I use sunscreen.

Unfortunately what we have done in the past can and usually will catch up with us which I learned at a recent visit to my dermatologist for my yearly checkup.  There were two questionable spots so my doctor removed them.  They were small and if left alone could grow into something I don’t want.  Easy removal and I can still get into the pool, but must stay away from ocean water and lake water for 2 weeks.  Easy for me to do.

There are so many wonderful products on the market that protect us these days.  Even my Dark Spot Sun Defense by Dr. Dennis Gross has an SPF 50.  Many of our foundation products contain SPF as well.  These products are all infused to help keep sun damage away because as we know sun damage can and will cause  wrinkles, which is NOT what we want at Wrinkle Me Not right?

And!  When I visit with one of my estheticians for a facial this week, Judy (#jgailsdermasolutions) will apply a sunscreen to my face and lips before I leave her spa.

So be wise when it comes to our love of the sun.  Cover your skin with sunscreen and reapply often.

Be wise and enjoy the sun!  Afterall, it IS summertime!

Smile often! – Unknown

2 thoughts on “I Love Summertime!

    • There are a lot of eye creams out there to choose from and so many options for the various conditions of the eye area. Dr. Perricone has several serums and I really am seeing a difference with the Vitamin C serum. What I would suggest is going to Sephora. They carry the full line of eye serums and can give you several samples so you can see what works best for you.

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