Airbrush From Head to Toe

Several years ago I wrote about Dior’s Airflash Spray Foundation.  I was so in love with this product I said  I will never EVER be without this product. Many cans later I still love this product.  It’s a go-to solution for professional makeup artists, and me too. Dior’s Airflash is the first revolutionary spray foundation that brings airbrushed perfection to our daily makeup routine. The scientists over at the Dior labs have created an Airflash formula that is lighter and silkier than ever for a fabulously even, flawless and radiant finish. And! It settles on your skin with no visible texture as a silky-smooth veil with long-wearing coverage. The result is instant, too. You will see a super-smooth, velvety complexion that feels like a second skin, full of radiance and glow… and flawless.

Combined with Airbrush tanning it makes the perfect look for summer.  There are no lines and the finish is beautiful!  Now, I must say don’t spray this product directly onto your face. You will waste product and you don’t want to do that since it does have a higher price point. Apply your primer over your serums like we have discussed before. Then, apply a light coat of your foundation. There is no need to cover your imperfections over and over, because AirFlash is going to take care of those and really provide a professional look to your application. A short full brush works best for the application. I use my Kabuki brush from Bare Minerals, but you could a blush brush too. Now spray the brush – not you! Just one or two quick sprays are all that’s needed and then dot your forehead, both cheeks and your chinny chin-chin. Then very quickly start blending all over your face going over your eyelids (after your primer) and under your chin and over your neck. Look in the mirror – NOW!! (and smile)

Love the look? It is available wherever Dior products are sold, including Sephora and Nordstrom. Remember, it is a foundation so you will need to get your color match. I have a medium to olive complexion and use a 400, otherwise I use 302. And, I mix the two in the fall as I trend into winter. Using it as I have mentioned, will allow your current foundation last longer and Airflash will last longer, too. This smooth polished look is amazing and it’s done in a … FLASH!

Smile — sunshine is good for your teeth. ~ Unknown

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