Labor Day Beauty

You know how when you are introduced to a new product it opens the door to others that are available from that line  as well.  That’s how it is for me with skin care products.  Which is why I looked at the Charcoal Detox  Deep Pore Gel Cleanser by Michael Todd.

Besides the obvious firming effects you will feel on your cleansed face, this cleanser melts away my makeup, dissolves impurities and completely washes away residue without drying out or stripping away at the skin’s natural moisture balance. Plus, the activated charcoal acts like a magnet and penetrates deeply into pores to gently draw out impurities, resulting in a refreshing sensation and clean, smooth, supple skin. It’s my new favorite cleanser.

It’s Labor Day weekend and so many of you have asked about the Sonic Makeup Brush I discussed in a previous post… well, here’s some good news.  The Michael Todd Beauty site is 35% off all Labor Day weekend and that includes my favorite makeup brush.  And! With a $50 purchase and this code MY35LD you get free shipping.

Want another beauty deal?  Dr. Dennis Gross is offering 20%off on his site for all DDG products and no code is needed! Yes, I have my DDG Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel Pads and my DDG Glow Pads for Face and Body.  Do you?

Say the word “sale” and watch a woman’s smile. – Unknown

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