Fall Trend Shows Are Coming

As you know by now, I love Trend Shows… it’s the place to be when you want to meet the make-up artists, skin care specialists and every one else associated with the World of Beauty.  It’s a fun, exciting day. Now mind you, it is not a slooow day … it’s very busy.. and crowded.  Think an indoor State Fair… got it?

Nordstrom Trend Shows are legendary.  My friend, Karen, and I have shared them together for several years and of course they usually include a girls lunch as well!  Whether you are in California, Arizona, Texas or actually any where in the USA there is a Trend Show coming your way.

Grab your bestie, get your tickets, wear comfortable shoes and plan to get up very EARLY for the whole day event.   Once there you will see the newest trends in fall fashion, colors, and as always, make-up and skincare.  Then watch for updates on products here on Wrinkle Me Not… I have no doubt there will be plenty of new products to talk about around the coffee table.  As always, wine is an option!

Your smile is your logo.  Your personality your business card. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark. – Pintrest

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