Can You Keep Your Mouth Shut?

Following a summer spent with family and vacations to Napa, Karen and I finally connected to catch up and have a girls lunch.  After all we must plan for Trend Show this weekend! As we were leaving Nordstrom, we saw a man and a woman in Beauty with one eye patch on each.  That does get your attention for sure.  They saw us looking at them and asked if we wanted one too.  Well?  Hmmmm.  What does it do we asked?

Patchology. This skincare line was developed by a team of transdermal patch experts and beauty industry veterans. They use advanced technology and innovative ingredients to create targeted solutions for specific skin care concerns. So sure, why not we thought. Karen got the patch for the lips and I got one for the eyes.

Karen remarked to me today “the Patchology Lip Gels did seem to help with the lines and add moisture to my lips and lip area.”  And I can tell you the Eye Gels made a difference that lasts for about 24 hours for me.  I did have to keep mine on a little longer than the 5 minutes, however.  In fact, I walked out of Nordstrom wearing one and guess what?  Not one person looked at me!  I guess some things are acceptable.

Anyway, these cooling and refreshing patches accelerate the delivery of essential ingredients, including caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen. Plus, the stay-put design ensures you get the ingredients where you need them the most. The result is a smoother, brighter, more youthful appearance for the eye.

Now, I did get a sample of the Lip Gel, but I must say it was too hard to do for me.  You have to keep your lips together for the 5 minutes you are wearing them.  That’s a long time between sips of water, wine or coffee.  Karen didn’t mention that so she can obviously keep her mouth shut with no problem.

Might be something for me to think about.  Hmmmm.

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