Instant Confidence – Yes!

I have been in marketing and public relations for half of my life. The way in which a product is marketed can lead to success or failure.  I mean if the product is amazing but is ‘called’  Good Product who wants it.  That’s why I thought long and hard before I named my blog site Wrinkle Me Not.  It’s about good skincare, a little bit about makeup and a touch on hair care that is good for us.

So, when Bobbie Brown introduced her newest product at Trend Show last weekend – the Instant Confidence Stick, it raised eyebrows.  Including mine. As Karen and I were getting our makeup done with Meredith Meyers with Guerlain we told her about it.  She went over to Bobbie Brown and got a sample to use on our face.  As she applied it, she kept nodding her head ‘yes’ and we waited for results.  It doesn’t take long. Every line she glided across disappeared!

Think of this stick as a magic eraser.  It instantly blurs the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, more lineless look. It glides on easily and feels weightless, making it comfortable for all-day wear. Use it to prep skin for seamless makeup application, or to touch up and control shine throughout the day. I just swipe this stick over my fine lines and wrinkles before I apply my makeup and use it throughout the day as it’s needed to smooth, mattify and absorb oil.

Karen and I both loved what this product did for our skin and purchased a tube.  I told another friend about it but it was sold out when she tried to get it.  I did check Bobbie’s site before I posted this and it states that they have this product back in stock, so it is once again available.

Do I have instant confidence?  Yes!  So I guess this name works for this product!

Smiles are free, but worth a lot. – piccsy


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