I love To Be Kissed

Do you like to kiss?  Or maybe I should say do you love to be kissed?  I think we can all say “Yes!” to that.  Well, of course, we want that special person to have minty fresh breath as well, right??

Kissable lips are a must right?  I love the look of plump lips and the feel as well.  Seems like whether we have smoked or not we all get those pesky lines around our lips at some point. Or horrors… could be be age? Well, I will tell you I have found the cure and it doesn’t involve a needle.

Another very cool product from Trend Show was Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss… a lip lift stick.  And! when it is combined with Guerlains’ tried and true Abeille Royale Honey Smile Lift your lips will look amazing… and feel even better whether those lips have been kissed or not.

What I find with this combo is my lips look soft, and, of course, kissable.  But they also hold on to my favorite lipstick for several hours. I have to say the packaging of this this lip balm is by far the most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen (for a lip balm) which is so true to Guerlain. They package a beautiful lipstick too, which also has a mirror!

So whether you are in the mood to be kissed or just want to ‘look’ kissable… this duo is a must.

If she smiles just a little while you are kissing…you are doing it right! – Pintrest

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