Boo! Get Your Mask On!

There was one product I didn’t want to miss at Trend Show this year… so I searched until I found it – The BLUE Mask.  It wasn’t really that hard to find as Karen and I can tell you. There were people standing around Nordstrom wearing the mask as if it was part of their every day outfit.  At least it is around the counter featuring Dennis Gross’ new Hyaluronic Marine Modeling Mask.

So, how to describe it? Well, it’s a gel/ powder transformative mask that delivers intense hydration to your skin. This professional modeling mask is a cooling and deeply hydrating treatment that gives you immediate radiance after just one use. And, did I mention it’s blue?  BRIGHT blue!

Karen and I sat down in the ‘beauty chair’ offered by the Dr. Dennis Gross consultants and they showed us how easy it is to mix the two-part ingredients and apply.   Due to time constraints that day it was on only 15 minutes… but next time I’ll leave it on for an hour instead of the thirty minute recommendation, because it feels sooo good on my skin.  Ok, applying it takes a bit of practice but after watching the demo video from Dr. Gross’ website, I know I can use my fingers in the end to “shape” the mask on areas where the spatula did not apply it so evenly. Use this mask when you really want to pamper yourself and feel like a new you. It’s AMAZING and when you remove it so notice the softness around your eyes and note how your skin feels so soft it looks so bright and clean. And not blue! The good news: the mask is formulated with marine algae and hyaluronic acid, which begins as a gel and powder, and when mixed together, they create a unique, rubbery cushion texture that provides hydration.

So once a week, using the bowl and spatula provided, mix Hyaluronic Cushion Gel with Activating Powder. Then, immediately spread the mask in a thick, even layer on clean, dry skin-mask

Apply by starting from the jawline and working in upward strokes. The thicker and more uniform the application, the easier it will be to remove the mask in one piece. The mask will set within five to seven minutes, but may be left on for up to 15 minutes for maximum hydration. To remove, lift off the mask and wipe away any excess. No rinsing needed! Follow with a serum and/or moisturizer of your choice.

All I need is coffee, mascara and a smile!– Pintrest



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