Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

Well, the clock is still ticking on this ‘test’ of the new Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick, but I can tell you I am loving my lips today!  This is just one item included  in the new Marc Jacobs Beauty line which is marketed as a 10 hour lipstick.

So I am now into hour eight and will soon be biting into a scrumptious New York Strip steak cooked medium.  Really juicy along with my Walt Pinot Noir which was just delivered  from Napa, so no doubt this lipstick test will be over after I wipe my lips about a dozen times.  But!  I am impressed with the long lasting effects.

I applied this lipstick right before I left for church, so it’s gone through the Kiss Kiss of friends cheeks, lunch, a stressful Cowboy football game and must I admit – a nap?  It’s cold here in Dallas today with rain and temps are in the low 60’s.  We say ‘cold’ here in Texas because anything under 70 degrees requires long sleeves and a little blanket and I must say, my lips still looked great when I awoke… 15 minutes later.  Short nap, yes.

This lipstick is a rich, creamy lipstick that redefines luxury with instant indulgent color while providing 10 hours of wear. And it feels fabulous on your lips. Promise! Your lips will feel instantly plumped and nourished from powerful peptides, antioxidant-rich seaberry, and natural humectants, including meranti and cocoa butter. Just snap the case shut and hear a satisfying click, which Marc Jacobs describes as “the sound of luxury.”   My color today is ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’… but I will be adding several to my bag.

I picked this one up at Sephora, so you can easily order online or visit a store.  Like me I know you will want to sample the other colors – there are 26 of them! Smack!

Just have fun.  Smile.  And keep putting on lipstick. – Pintrest

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