Go Team Go… Win Team Win!

I am a big football fan, both college and professional.  Wait.  Let me rewrite that opening sentence.  I am a HUGE football fan.  My daddy and I spent countless hours watching the game together from I guess about the age of 5 until his death –in my late forties.  We spent most game days together and my mom would watch my babies… later my children so Daddy and I could share those moments together.   He taught me the game, from the beginning kickoff till time ran out.  So it’s not surprising that I have found a group of serious fans to watch the game with either online chatting or at my home.  What might surprise you is that as commercial breaks happen, many times the talk turns to skincare and makeup.  Even the guys in the group will partake in the skincare talk, unless there is discussion over play calling.

Last week one of my female friends had asked me about products for eye bags.  I gave her three product samples that she could try before the game resumed.  See? There is always time for skincare and makeup talk.  It ranks right up there with football, wine, and my baby loves.  There are sooo many companies out there that market skincare – especially skincare for our eyes.  We all can have eye bags, dark circles, sunken eyes or the standard crow’s feet.  I encourage you to go to a beauty specialty store and get some samples.  Try them and see what addresses your concern.  A Beauty Advisor will be able to steer you into the right direction for sure.

So! I wanted to share a ‘new to me’ product line that I have recently received some samples from that I am excited about.  Kevyn Aucoin.  Heard of him?  I asked my Beauty Advisor, Meredith at Nordstrom recently about the brand.  She compared him to Elvis.   (I can assure you that got my attention!  Love love love Elvis.  Notice the present tense… never past when it comes to Elvis. ) She said Kevyn is to makeup what Elvis was to rock and roll.  (Ok, yes, there is a past tense used in that sentence.)  I actually received the sample from Sephora, but have also seen the product as part of the NK Boutique at Nordstrom.  Light It Up – The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting is really a fun product to use.  It comes in three shades – Candlelight, Starlight, and Sunlight and they are beautiful additions to your foundation  – on your cheeks, eyes and on your temples.  You can even put a dab on your décolleté on a date night – especially if wine and candlelight are a part of your evening! It contains ultra-fine pearls with micronized spheres to add a candlelit radiance and delicate highlight to your skin.

Check it out… and have fun with it… whether you having dinner with your favorite guy or cheering on your favorite team.  Go Team!  Now glow, girl!

A little smile can go a long long way, and turn a cloudy day to skies of blue; You’ll have a glow no matter where you go if you just take your smile along with you! – Pintrest

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