Blush! Bronze! Highlight!

Blush.  Bronze.  Highlight.

So! I must share this with you today. I have discovered a new favorite product recently and with the holiday season right smack upon us it’s sooo nice to pick up one container and not search through my beauty bag for three.  Time.  It’s precious.  Especially in December for all of us, right? And!  You can tuck it into your purse and take it with you to all your holiday gatherings, too!

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty made a brief appearance at Nordstrom during the fall – just long enough to grab my attention – and now it’s moved on to Neimans in the mall though you can purchase it online at several stores including Sephora.  When I was talking to my friend, Meredith Meyers, at Nordstrom about the line recently she reminded my that Kevyn Aucoin actually passed away over fifteen years ago, but it’s been only recently that his beauty line has been made available.

So what I have here is referred to as an innovation in custom bronzing! How’s that for a marketing statement? But that is exactly what it is! It’s a versatile three-in-one palette which has everything you need to achieve a perfect sun-kissed complexion in just one swipe – all year long. The highlighter, blush, and bronzer shades maximize your skin’s glow with vibrant, luminous color.

The Neo Bronzer features two of Kevyn Aucoin’s best selling creamy glow shades (Tansoleil and Pravella) in first ever powder formats!  Plus this innovative gradient design features all three hues in one compact. The highlighter shade is soft and fine for a natural glow. The blush shade gives a fresh cheeky glow. The bronzer adds pure warmth and skin dimension. It is available in two shades.  Capri which is cool pink (shown here) and Siena which is coral.

Have fun with this little gem and enjoy the holidays!

“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” –  Yoko Ono

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