A Hand Cream Filled With Memories

Several years ago while traveling in Paris with a group of co-workers and friends, my husband and I were able to attend my first product launch.  Believe me there is nothing like a Paris product launch!  Couple it with the backdrop of the Champs Elysees, one of the most celebrated shopping districts in the world, and filled with lots of glitz and glamour.  Only in Paris.

Prior to leaving for this trip, a Lancome beauty rep at Macy’s told me of an upcoming product – Absolue – that was going to ‘rock’ the beauty world with all it would offer women and indeed it has.  I couldn’t buy the product in France to take back to the states so I had to ‘wait’ on it to follow me back to Texas.  And I did.  I was probably one of the first to buy it in Dallas as I kept tabs on it’s arrival – which was almost 5 weeks later.

It was only recently I was reminded of my first ‘fling’ with Absolue as I visited with my youngest daughter.  I had given her a makeup bag filled with samples for her birthday.  A few days later, she mentioned that she had fallen in love with a product and asked me if I had heard of it.  Lancome Absolue.  I smiled at the memories it evoked.

To this day one of my favorite Lancome products is my Absolue Hand Premium BX Cream.  This is not your normal hand cream.  This is an ultra-luxurious hand cream that lessens the look of age spots and contains a replenishing moisture with SPF 15 protection.  This cream is rich with soy and sea algae which helps reinforce elasticity and firmness. Instantly (and I do mean it when I say ‘instantly’) your hands feel softer, more supple and relieved of uncomfortable dryness with a more even-toned, luminous look of youth.

Over time it will reduce the appearance of existing age spots, leaving your skin looking clearer and more even-toned and hydrates instantly.  From the moment it is applied, the dryness disappears. Be advised… once you begin to use it no other hand cream will ever feel the same.

I’ve got nothing to do today, but smile. – Fresh Quotes

One thought on “A Hand Cream Filled With Memories

  1. One of the lovely things about the Absolu hand cream: It “stays on” through several hand washings, so it doesn’t have to be reapplied every time one washes one’s hands.
    But it feels so good, it’s nice to reapply it anyway!

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