I have had some great comments about the story of my mom, aka The Noxzema Queen, over the last year.  So in memory of my amazing mom, who no doubt still wears her earrings and red lipstick along with her heavenly wings, I am reposting her story in honor of Mother’s Day. Smile!

My mom, Junie, was well-known for her BIG earrings, her long red polished nails and to my sister, Jill, and me, as the Noxzema Queen.  She lathered that white cream all over her face and neck before she went to bed every single night.  My daddy complained about the smell, but it always fell on deaf ears. And! If Jill and I were anywhere near the application room, we got covered too so it didn’t take us long to figure out if you could smell it… don’t go there!   But!  I must say! Her skin was absolutely beautiful until the day she left this world to go to her heavenly home. She knew about good skincare!

As I grew up and into my early thirties, I did crazy things with sun lamps and baby oil in the Texas sun, but one day I realized what my mother had been trying to teach me about taking care of my skin.  So I hopped on board the skincare ‘train’ at her urging and began to research and try various products.  I have my tried and true favorites, of course, but I continually go to my beauty bag of samples so I can share ‘new loves’ with you, too.

A couple of months ago a friend at church turned to me in her pew and said “I need my skin to look like yours – by next Friday”.  I smiled and said ‘start moisturizing NOW and stay away from the sun unless you are covered with sunscreen and have a fabulous hat!  You see, growing up in Texas, we girls love the ‘glow’ of the sun.   But!  There are so many sunless tanning options available to us now, there is no reason to ‘bake’ our bodies in the sun any longer.  Each spring I share with you several of my favorite products that I love as we prepare our body to glow. I actually continue that glow year round because I love the look of my skin with some healthy color  – just not a  tan dark color.  I saw my friend at church yesterday and asked her if she had found a great moisturizer to begin using and she replied she just didn’t have time.  Friends, we all have time to take care of our skin, though if it’s a new concept for you it may be that you have to <em>make</em> time in the beginning.  We are all busy, but trust me – good skincare and the reflection you see in the mirror each morning from the time spent will be your reward each morning – even if it’s a blue jar of Noxzema – do it, for you!

A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear. – Unknown

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