IPL Hands

Look!  I did it!  Yes, I did.

What am I talking about? Well, my good friend, Ana, had the age spots removed on her hands a few months ago by her doctor and the look of her youthful hands made me want to try IPL Hands which is offered at my dermatologist as well.

What is IPL you ask?

Intense Pulsed Light is a technology where light is converted into heat energy.
Treatments are like a very powerful camera flash lamp being held against your skin, and a little more I would say.

The process is quite simple.  Your practitioner will cleanse the skin on the top of your hands, then give you safety goggles to wear.  The handpiece is then moved across the hands ensuring all areas are covered, and the treatment takes around 20-30 minutes to complete. Once this is finished cool packs are applied to the skin followed by aloe vera gel and sun protection.

After your treatment, you can expect to see some redness, darkening of brown spots, and light swelling. These symptoms will resolve in several hours to one week. Painful? Yes, for about an hour after the treatment, but then things calm down and I used a small ice pack for a few hours.

I will say this process was interesting to watch as you see the improvement each week.  I was told that the hands only require one treatment and after that to be mindful to use sunscreen on my hands every day after that and especially at my nail salon before I use the light to dry my gel nails.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has age spots and wants their hands to look youngish again.  You do have some pain and downtime, but it’s quick and shortlived…. Now… If I could just get up from the table without my knees popping! Oh well…..


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