Spring Trend Show 2018 – Fun!

Well, Nordstrom’s 2018 Spring Trend Show is history and I am sorting through so many samples – picking and choosing which ones I want to try first.  Karen and I had full day of pampering, sampling, friendship and playing!  She thinks this was the best show yet and I must agree with her. Karen even won one of thr drawings so you will be hearing from her soon and her product review!

Color is for lips and eye color is back to neutral again with a little color be it blue, purple, or green in the corners.  So! Go easy on the eye shadow and big on the lips!

And Bronze, Bronze, Bronze!!

Masks are so popular too!  I’ve got a few to try first then I will share those with you as well. One will make you laugh… and smile.  Just you wait!

And of my favorite products is from Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Line.  Cooling Body Spray.  It is great for summer or any time as it instantly cools and refreshes skin. The fragrance is well… absolutely amazing! (It’s referred to as the “Seductive Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche fragrance by Estee Lauder”.) Now you can dive into summer’s coolest heat wave. You can spray it all over you body… again and again.  Have fun with this one.  I am for sure!  I must say Karen and I bought the last two of the show and were told to guard our bags all day until Karen took our first load to her car for safe keeping!

I’ll keep sorting through the samples this week and have another post soon.  Until then enjoy your weekend and your families. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms.

Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace. – Christie Brinkley

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