My name is Judy and I am a product junkie. Skin care and hair care products fill my beauty bag and even a storage bin in my bath area.  From time to time I am asked by friends or co-workers and at times people on the street or grocery, what I am using.  My answer usually begins with ‘Currently I am in love with….” which is why I have turned to blogging.  I want to open my bag of goodies and share them with you.  I will tell you where I bought the products and many times share with you who to contact.  And another thing I want you to know about me.  I am a native Texan, with very fine limp hair, who grew up using little or no sunscreen and for several years used the tanning bed to relax and get darker.  Fifteen years ago I made the decision to make a change in how I care for my skin, so I am hoping things I share here will inspire you to fill your beauty bag with items that will make your skin the best it can be and you, too can stop the hands of time and declare ‘Wrinkle Me Not!’

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