Hydrate. Plump. Smooth. Lift.

One of the coolest products shown at this year Trend Show was a Dry Sheet Mask from Trish McEvoy.   In three words.

I.  Love. It!

Hydrate. Plump. Smooth. Lift. In Only 15 minutes!
15 Minutes!
This is a hydrating reusable dry sheet mask that will give you an instantly luminous, moisture-packed glow that self-renews throughout your day. In just 15 active-packed minutes, it leaves skin dramatically hydrated, plumped and smoothed for a lifted look and soft, cushiony feel.
It is activated by your body temperature and movements, and the formula responds to your immediate needs then continues to trigger tailored doses of hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants for hours after wear.
I wore it for the first time this week while I watched The Voice and my husband just laughed.  But I will say when I removed the mask I could see a difference and his laughter ceased.  Well, sorta.
The packaging states it can be worn three times on clean skin or once over makeup. And! Even better it stays active on skin–even if you wash your face.
The beauty rep I purchased this mask from said I could actually wear it five times.  Plus I think it would be great to use with serums after the active ingredients are gone from the mask it self.  I will try it.
Attached are several photos from the Trend Show plus one of the mask on one of the models.  I think you will smile!
Featured:  Kevin Sifflet, well known makeup artist and our fabulous host one again.    My good friend Enrique Starnes-Ortega with Dr. Dennis Gross. (Yes, Karen and I are sans makeup following our facials by Enrique.)  Marcus Monson, Celebrity Makeup Artist, with Chanel (previously with Guerlain). He performs miracles with makeup!  #kevinsifflet, #marcusmonson, #EnriqueStarnes-Ortega

Spring Trend Show 2018 – Fun!

Well, Nordstrom’s 2018 Spring Trend Show is history and I am sorting through so many samples – picking and choosing which ones I want to try first.  Karen and I had full day of pampering, sampling, friendship and playing!  She thinks this was the best show yet and I must agree with her. Karen even won one of thr drawings so you will be hearing from her soon and her product review!

Color is for lips and eye color is back to neutral again with a little color be it blue, purple, or green in the corners.  So! Go easy on the eye shadow and big on the lips!

And Bronze, Bronze, Bronze!!

Masks are so popular too!  I’ve got a few to try first then I will share those with you as well. One will make you laugh… and smile.  Just you wait!

And of my favorite products is from Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Line.  Cooling Body Spray.  It is great for summer or any time as it instantly cools and refreshes skin. The fragrance is well… absolutely amazing! (It’s referred to as the “Seductive Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche fragrance by Estee Lauder”.) Now you can dive into summer’s coolest heat wave. You can spray it all over you body… again and again.  Have fun with this one.  I am for sure!  I must say Karen and I bought the last two of the show and were told to guard our bags all day until Karen took our first load to her car for safe keeping!

I’ll keep sorting through the samples this week and have another post soon.  Until then enjoy your weekend and your families. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms.

Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace. – Christie Brinkley

Christy or Megyn

So I am curious.  Did you watch Christy Brinkley on Megyn Kelly a few weeks ago?  I am a fan of both of these women.  Twenty years apart in age, but their beauty is classic.  Christy radiates beauty from within and coupled with Megyn it was a feast for the eyes for skincare addicts like me.

What are they using? When an audience member complimented Christy on her skin tone and firmness during the interview she raved over her new RECAPTURE 360 Night Anti-Aging Night Treatment.  Of course she would, it’s her business, but I was intrigued.  I was low on night cream and this one had just the ‘goodies’ in the cream I am a fan of, so I ordered

As we all know, nighttime is the best time to support our body’s natural repair cycle and to replenish our skin of things lost during the day. Recapture 360 Night Treatment supports the body’s repair of UV damage and replenish your skin with moisture.  Christy mentioned it helps firm, smooth, and rejuvenate our skin while we sleep. Over the days ahead you will wake up with skin that looks younger, firmer and newly defined.

So here we are a week or so later and I must say the creaminess and texture of this cream is amazing and my skin feels so good the next morning. It works as a good neck cream too, so that is a plus!

Price points are good and so is this product.  Now if I could just look like Christy when I pick up the mirror tomorrow!





So I am wondering… do you ever look into the mirror some mornings and just think ‘if I could smooth this spot out and make my pores look tiny again?’

I’ve got one spot on my cheek that make me occasionally wish I could just have my own personal microderm fairy available for days like this?

Well, I have found something that’s close… and ‘she’ won’t require her own bedroom or eat your all your favorite food… it’s Dr. Brandt’s Pore Dermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator, aka. ‘the large pore eliminator.’ With a blend of professional-grade physical and chemical exfoliators, this creamy wash deep cleans pores to slough away the excess oil and impurities that enlarge them. Salicylic acid breaks up oil and debris and encourages the shedding of dead skin cells to boost clarity while hyaluronic acid maintains moisture levels to keep your skin from drying out and flaky patches from forming.

How to use… First of all, I dampen my skin with water. Slowly and gently I massage for 1 minute avoiding the eye area this allows 1-2 minutes to activate and deep clean pores. Then, be sure and rinse well and pat dry. Use 1-2 times per week, allowing 3 days between applications otherwise I think you would find this very drying to your skin.

Check out other reviews on Dr. Brandt’s site and you, too, will be amazed.  Yes, there are price points on there, but you only need to use a little!

Be smoother… and smile!

Happiness looks gorgeous on you” – Pintrest

IPL Hands

Look!  I did it!  Yes, I did.

What am I talking about? Well, my good friend, Ana, had the age spots removed on her hands a few months ago by her doctor and the look of her youthful hands made me want to try IPL Hands which is offered at my dermatologist as well.

What is IPL you ask?

Intense Pulsed Light is a technology where light is converted into heat energy.
Treatments are like a very powerful camera flash lamp being held against your skin, and a little more I would say.

The process is quite simple.  Your practitioner will cleanse the skin on the top of your hands, then give you safety goggles to wear.  The handpiece is then moved across the hands ensuring all areas are covered, and the treatment takes around 20-30 minutes to complete. Once this is finished cool packs are applied to the skin followed by aloe vera gel and sun protection.

After your treatment, you can expect to see some redness, darkening of brown spots, and light swelling. These symptoms will resolve in several hours to one week. Painful? Yes, for about an hour after the treatment, but then things calm down and I used a small ice pack for a few hours.

I will say this process was interesting to watch as you see the improvement each week.  I was told that the hands only require one treatment and after that to be mindful to use sunscreen on my hands every day after that and especially at my nail salon before I use the light to dry my gel nails.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has age spots and wants their hands to look youngish again.  You do have some pain and downtime, but it’s quick and shortlived…. Now… If I could just get up from the table without my knees popping! Oh well…..


Highlight Your Glow

If you have been reading Wrinkle Me Not for a year or more you KNOW how I love the ‘glow’ year round, but especially once the season changes from winter to spring.  If you are in the northeast reading this blog you probably think I am crazy.  I truly apologize.  I know the weather over the last month or two has been cold, snowy and just plain dreadful.  But, here in Texas today, we are going to top 88 degrees.  You see, we don’t go from winter to spring here – we jump right into summer!  Last weekend we still had the heater on at night, but today its a/c and plenty of it.  The golf courses are busy and so are the plant centers.  I have worked all morning on planting flowers and cleaning up the beds.  But I regress…

Yes, I love the glow!  I was at Nordstrom yesterday during Triple Poin weekend picking up my Glow pads from DDG Skincare, but also got some beautiful highlighters  – one in a compact by Anastasia and one by Hourglass, which is a cream.

Vanish Flash by Hourglass is a highlight stick.  It goes on creamy so you can spread it on your cheeks, forehead and nose.  It comes in 5 shades – Champagne, Pink, Gold, Rose Gold and Bronze.  I picked up Champagne and Pink!

And! I also got the Amrezy Highlighter from Anastasia which I must sayI love, my friends. The limited edition highlighter is an illuminating powder that achieves the perfect glow. With the feel of second-skin, this ultra-smooth formula delivers a radiant finish and reflects a light, brilliant gold.

But let me say this.  If you have dry skin the cream is great and its staying powder is the best.  I think once summer gets here (and that may be tomorrow here) and it’s in the 90’s to 100, I will probably skip the cream highlighter and go with the staying power of the powder.  Though I must say I love the versatility of both products.

Of course, you still need to add the glow factor! Always Girls!

If you see someone without a smile today, let them borrow yours! – Pintrest

Let’s Twirl!

If you see me twirling… it’s for one of two reasons.  My Dallas Cowboys have won their football game or I have just found my next favorite beauty product.  Oh how I wish it was my Cowboys, but alas, it is spring and we are months away from a football game.

So!  Here’s my news and I must, MUST share it with you.

As many of you know I am a huge fan of the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads.  I have used them for over 5 years and never miss a day without my ‘peel’ so you can imagine my delight with the introduction of DDG Skincare’s Alpha Beta® Exfoliating Moisturizer!

When skin is renewed through exfoliation and then replenished with intense hydration, the effect is synergistic.  I can actually SEE and FEEL my hydrated skin, refined texture, and improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The patented blend of Alpha Beta acids in this pore-refining formula accelerates cell turnover and lifts away surface dullness. This exfoliating action allows moisturizing ingredients to strengthen the moisture barrier and deliver hydration where skin needs it most, for up to 72 hours.

This moisturizer can be used in the morning and evening. I massage a small amount into my clean, dry face, neck and décolleté. For optimal results I use it right after the Alpha Beta Peel Pads which can be in the morning or evening depending on how fast I ‘rise and shine’ each day.

Packaging states to give this new product about 4 weeks to see results, but I promise you WILL see them. Then, you can twirl with me!

A Smile… is the best makeup any girl can ever wear. – Pintrest