Amore Your Eyes

I love the look of Asian beauty.  My nail technician has the most beautiful eyes and the smoothness of her skin around her eyes reminds me of a young child.  I have asked many beauty advisors if there is anything available that can emulate that look for a more mature skin and haven’t really found anything.  But! I have recently found something close.

Over 60 years ago, Amore Pacific founder Sung-Hwan Suh introduced his concept of harnessing the natural restorative powers of indigenous Asian botanicals to deliver a healthier, youthful appearance. The entire collection features a variety of treatments derived from plants such as bamboo, green tea and Korean red ginseng, which are harvested at peak times to capture the highest nutrient potency.

AmorePacific Future Response Age Defense Dual Eye Crème is a revolutionary pair of eye creams formulated with a potent blend of Green Tea and Pine Mushroom that protect our eyes throughout the day and nourishes during the night.

The Day cream has a built-in sun protection, which protects skin from harmful UV rays that elevate skin temperature and cause skin damage, while the night cream contains Green Tea Theanine and EGCG to nourish the skin by hydration and prevent early signs of aging around the delicate eye area. I must say, it is so creamy!  I just love the smell of this product and application is so easy.

In the morning I take the desired amount of day eye cream on the included spatula and apply it along my orbital bone and under the eye area by gently patting gently. Then in the evening take desired amount of night eye cream on the spatula and apply again along orbital bone and under eye area by gently patting gently.

Check your mirror about 10 minutes late…. Now smile!

Makeup and high heels are a plus, but a great smile and personality should be a  must! – Unknown

Linda’s No. 7 Review

As promised here is my interview with my friend, Linda, who has been testing several products in the Boots No. 7 skincare line.  Linda has been a Make-up artist since 1994 for several top lines, so she is the perfect person to test products and give honest feedback.

Remember Boot No. 7 (also called No. 7) is the number one cosmetic and skincare brand in the UK. For over 70 years No7 has provided women with gorgeous cosmetics in satisfying textures and amazing shades. In skincare, No7 offers the daily essentials as well as the latest in anti-aging technology. It can be purchased at Walgreens, CVS, Target and I recently saw it at Ulta.  The price points are great but does it work? Let’s ask Linda what she thinks.

“Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin Exfoliater.  I used it daily in the beginning and at one point developed a rash.  Did the daily use do it? Maybe.  But! The exfoliater felt so good! Anyway, I’ll use it only two days a week going forward. So many women don’t exfoliate, never realizing that their other skin care products won’t work as well. So exfoliate!

I still love the Triple Action Lift & Luminate. My skin feels softer! It’s difficult to judge oneself by looking in the mirror,since  we see that face daily. I think my skin looks better.
I encouraged a co-worker to try it, too. She’s a sort of “slap-dash” person, not one to take her time and carefully apply anything. But! I began to see a difference in her skin within a couple of days. It no longer looks “tired”, but fresher, and more radiant and yes, firmer. But now, she loves the No. 7 line!

I’ve also been using the Youthful Eye Serum. I saw an immediate improvement around my eyes! Thanks to allergies, they were puffy, making me look tired all of the time. No longer. When I get up in the mornings, they’re a bit puffy, but nothing like they were before.
Within minutes of using the eye serum, what little puffiness I had vanishes!

I also have the replenishing oil, which I love! In the warmer months, my normal-dry skin scoots to the other side and becomes normal-oily, so I’m putting away the oil for daily use & using the Protect & Perfect Intense Night Cream. ❤❤❤

And! Any slight residuals of the products are rubbed into the backs of my hands after I’ve used them on my face, neck & décolletage (if the sun can hit the skin, that skin needs treatment). The appearance of the backs of my hands has improved!”

Love Linda and love her reviews!  I might add I picked up No. 7’s Instant Illusion Wrinkle Filler last week.   After makeup is applied, squeeze small amount in direction of lines {wrinkles} then tap into crevices – we have those right?  Then lightly smooth to spread the excess. Wait just a moment.  Then, presto!!! Lines disappear! This product seems to sell out quickly so if you see it – grab it!

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. – John Ray

Cheers to a Great Deal

Two of my favorite segments on Good Morning America these days are Ginger Zee’s Food Forecast ( especially the last two episodes featuring Napa Valley since this is my home away from home) and Deals and Steals featuring Tory Johnson as The Deal Wizard.

A couple of weeks ago Tory introduced Michael Todd’s Skincare and I snagged two amazing products which now have a permanent place in my Beauty Bag.  A sonic makeup brush and a new eye serum.

Have you heard of the Sonic Blend Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush?  Sonic Blend is the first of its kind makeup brush that applies makeup at sonic speeds up to 200 times per second plus it has a built-in protection against microbial contamination so the brush stays cleaner and  fresher longer.  I just put a few drops of my liquid foundation on the back of my hand and dab a little with the brush and apply it to my face. What you see in the mirror is natural looking airbrushed-like results every time.  They ad says it creates better coverage, too, so you use less makeup. For me I will say I use about the same amount.  But that’s ok.  I love the air-brushed look!

Tory’s eye serum deal  was the KNU Serum Eye Treatment.  It can be worn under and over the eye and wow does it smooth out the lines.  KNU (pronounced new) is long-lasting and is applied twice a day.  FYI – It’s a dark-colored serum which is due to the face that it is made from Reishi mushrooms!  The active ingredients are formulated with proven ancient remedies and botanical Super Hero extracts. Key ingredients include but are not limited to, skin smoothing Matrixyl™ 3000, firming Eyeless™, rejuvenating Retinol, youth preserving Reishi Mushroom & nourishing Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.

It really brightens my under eye darkness, smoothes under my eye puffiness, firms loose skin and erasers fine lines around the eye area including the crow’s feet area.  Plus I still see the effects the next morning when I wake up.

Quite the ‘steal’ on both of the products I must say. So to my new find Michael Todd Skincare … I toast you with a Napa Valley Walt Pinot Noir! Cheers!

Prince Charming and the Duo

The afterglow of Trend show still surrounds me.  How could it not?  I am encircled by many new and exciting products, a variety of samples for hair, skin and eyes and so much information.  My beauty bag runneth over… seriously!  So much to share in our little circle~ so, where do I start?

One of the highlights of this event was meeting Pamela Morgan, National Make Up Artist YSL Beauty, who  reintroduced me to an amazing pair – Touche Eclat and YSL’s Forever Light Creator or as she calls them Cinderella & Happily Ever After.  And indeed they are!

Over two years ago I blogged on Touche Eclat and referred to it as a 4-second miracle pen.  It’s actually still one of my top reads here at Wrinkle Me Not.  Touche Eclat is really like a touch of your fairy godmother’s magic wand as it adds radiance to your skin. This take-anywhere pen/ brush is amazing as it adds a touch of light as well as concealing shadows and signs of fatigue from the eye area.  As an added plus you can apply it on the hollow of your chin, or try the contour of your lips and the sides of your nose for a flawless look.  You can be your own fairy godmother here.

When I began using Touche Eclat there were only a couple of color options available, but now there are ten colors!  What started with Luminous Radiance, my original, now includes Luminous Almond, Sand, Toffee and more!

And as for ‘Happily Ever After”…  Pamela did introduce me to Forever Light Creator at the show which is paired with Touché Eclate.  I totally love this produce and what it does for my eyes!  Its breakthrough innovation immediately brightens and opens the eye, instantly correcting dark circles and puffiness. This is a fast-absorbing,  lightweight, pearlized formula which  immediately delivers a luminous effect.  Product info states that  over time the eye area looks visibly more even-toned and radiant. Highlight the word *radiant*. I apply it with my serums in the morning and make my bed, etc.  Walk back into the bathroom and it’s a “Wow” moment when I look into the mirror.  No wonder YSL Beauty will tell you one Touche Eclat pen is sold every 6 seconds in America!

Disney moments.  Of course if you team Cinderella and Happily Ever After… there has to be a smiling Prince Charming somewhere right?

My smile is my makeup/ – Unknown


Trend time!

It’s here… the big weekend for women everywhere!

Cinco de Mayo festivities with frozen margaritas.  Mother’s Day celebrations throughout  the weekend.  The 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby is Saturday – something I have watched with my family since I was a child.  And! one of my favorite events in the world of beauty is Saturday, too. Nordstrom’s  2016 Trend Show!

My longtime friend and shopping diva, Karen and I have had our tickets for over a month and we are ready! We have been enjoying this fun and informative Beauty Trend Shows together  for several years.  Now, I must say – you have to get up early for this one! It starts at 7:30 am, but we will have some breakfast treats and drinks before the models take to the runway.

So what’s a trend show, you ask?  It is held each year at Nordstrom and showcases a bevy of complete runway-inspired trends you can see up close.  With your ticket you receive a gift bag with free samples, one on one consultations with a pro to create a look just for you, exclusive gifts, and a look at the latest beauty tips and tricks while you’re pampered with a free makeup or skincare consultation.

And best of all I get to share it with my long time forever friend!

More next week where I will share some stories from this fabulous event and no doubt some new products that will be out in 2016.

Skin first.  Make-up second.  Smile always.- Unknown

I’m All About the Eyes

There are so many new products on the beauty horizon for 2016.  I enjoy visiting  with the beauty advisors regularly at local department stores to get their input on what products are not only peaking curiosity, but also being purchased.  Next week Nordstrom will host a Beauty Week and there are many exciting offerings available from the Beauty Representatives.

One of those is Dr. Murad.   I have several friends that have used Murad products for years and swear by them.  I visited with Sharon, Beauty Advisor for Murad at Nordstrom and she said if I try one product this year it should be the Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment.  So of course, with several samples from her in my beauty bag, that was the first one I wanted to experience.  And as you know – I am all about the eyes… specifically mine!  (Wink, wink)

This is a professional-strength treatment which actually infuses the delicate eye area with an exclusive, surface-filling and firming serum that instantly lifts, firms, and tightens to visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The use of eye pads helps to boost the penetration of the powerful ingredients for optimal performance and results.  Note: This doesn’t replace your eye cream as this is a treatment and only to be used 2-3 times a week, but you do get immediate results which we all love.  Right?

After cleansing your face, apply 3 pumps to the under-eye area in a generous layer, but do not rub in.  I actually pat, pat, pat the serum around my eye. Next you apply a crescent-shaped pad under each eye and press lightly. After 10-15 minutes, lift off the eye pads and gently pat in any excess product. I noticed a slight tingling sensation which the instructions state is normal. Remember this is not for everyday use.

The use of these eye pads helps to boost the penetration of the ingredients in the serum for results. What you will immediately notice when you remove the pads is that your eyes are smoother and somewhat lifted.  I want to say I still use my eye cream following the treatment, because it does not hydrate my under eye area, so the combo is a really ‘eye catching.’

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.  – Audrey Hepburn

Test, Test, Test!

Valentine’s Day.  That special day that says the beginning of ‘glo season’ is on the horizon.  And as soon as soon as I finish this post I am off to see Claudia for my air brush tan!  This month’s special color is .. what else?  Caramel, which goes so well with chocolate does it not?

Last week’s post has garnered some comments that I am really excited to address.  The first comment – why are there so many eye treatments in the Perricone line – it’s so confusing?  If you go to the Perricone MD site you will see that there are eight (8) choices for various eye conditions available.  That’s why I suggested getting samples from a Beauty Advisor when in need of a suggestion before you buy the product because all of these are in the mid-range price points.  You don’t want to buy all eight to test, right? Just get a few samples to test and then you will know which one works best for you.

Another example is the La Prairie line where there are 13 eye cream/serum choices in a wide range when it comes to the purchase points.  Is there a difference between a $380 serum and a $120?  Of course there is!  But! Is the difference worth the price for you?  It all depends on what you are looking for in the products, and how much you want to spent on your products. Again, test the products before you purchase.

A few month’s ago, I received a generous sample of La Prairie’s Liquid Lift for my neck.  It retails for over $500.  I was saddened when my sample was gone (and trust me I used every drop!) because I knew I could not afford that product in my daily skincare routine.  Again, I was going to test a couple of products.  Then within a week, I met Carrie Gross, wife of Dr. Dennis Gross, at a Master Class at Nordstrom.  She introduced me to his new neck cream with samples, and it has become one of my favorite products.   I mention Carrie, because she has agreed to be a guest writer on Wrinkle Me Not from time to time and she will be sharing more about this marvelous neck cream on next week’s blog post.  I am beyond thrilled to have her with us!

Enjoy Valentines Day with someone you love…

Everytime you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person and beautiful thing. – Mother Teresa