Adios 2017

There’s something about the holidays that seems to make everything sparkle whether it’s the decorations on the trees, in the malls or in our hair or makeup.  That glow lifts spirits and adds an eretheal glow to any ocassion.

So before we say good by to 2017, which I hope has been a special year for you, I wanted to share one more favorite product of mine that is great for daytime use, but when it’s nighttime, it’s oh so much better!

Naked’s Urban Decay Smoky has become one of my favorite pallets when it comes to eye shadow.  Anything under the Naked pallet line is pure fun always and this one will not disappoint with it’s 12 beautiful colors!

One side of the tray feautres four colors with a very light touch of glitter to open your eyes during the day, but when used at night with a little heavier application will turn your eyes into drama!

The center of the pallet tray features those blues, violets and grays which will add that ‘smoke’ to your look and will make your eyes look spectactular!  They are my favorite colors for daytime, too.

And! As you get to the other end of the pallet you see the beige/creams for your upper lid. Use those for daytime either alone or with your midpallet blues and violets for some daytime intrigue.

However you spend your New Year’s Eve, add some sparkle to your beautiful eyes – even if the light is provided by the glow of the fireplace due to some wintery weather outside.  Celebrate the upcoming new year and bid a fond farewell to the one that we wrap up.  It always it is about family, close friends, and you, right?

Mesmerising Eyes

Summertime…. And the livin’ is easy!

Things are a little slower and more laid back for a few short months each year and if you are in the South the heat is on just like it is every year. Ahhh Summertime.

I shop a little different, too, during the summertime. I stroll through the beauty aisles, talk at length to beauty consultants and browse through the newest products with much less haste than I do in the spring with it’s new line up for the year or the fall when the products are geared more toward glamour and holiday parties.

The latest addition to my Beauty Bag is a eye shadow duo that I just love and the effects are powerful for sure.  Charlotte Tilbury has created  her Chameleon Colour Morphing Eyeshadow Pencils stating the “The power to mesmerise is in your eyes” in her branding.

These pencils instantly create a sultry, smoky eye with just the stroke of your hand. They are infused with synthetic sapphire which enhance your natural eye color with clever lighting tricks.  And!  They are so easy to apply and I find they last throughout the day.  Even in the summertime! Just cover your eye and smudge on the top lid and then glide the same color underneath the eye, too. This formula dries quickly, I must add, as product labeling states it sets after 30 seconds. You literally have to wash it off your fingers after application.  No wiping here.

I think wearing makeup gives each of us confidence and makes us feel fabulous.  Agree? So, glam up those eyes and get ready to make a statement, girlfriend! These mesmerising Chameleon Colour Morphing Eyeshadow Pencils from Charlotte Tilbury provide the perfect eye in the summertime… or any time.

Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world. – Charlotte Tilbury

Trend time!

It’s here… the big weekend for women everywhere!

Cinco de Mayo festivities with frozen margaritas.  Mother’s Day celebrations throughout  the weekend.  The 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby is Saturday – something I have watched with my family since I was a child.  And! one of my favorite events in the world of beauty is Saturday, too. Nordstrom’s  2016 Trend Show!

My longtime friend and shopping diva, Karen and I have had our tickets for over a month and we are ready! We have been enjoying this fun and informative Beauty Trend Shows together  for several years.  Now, I must say – you have to get up early for this one! It starts at 7:30 am, but we will have some breakfast treats and drinks before the models take to the runway.

So what’s a trend show, you ask?  It is held each year at Nordstrom and showcases a bevy of complete runway-inspired trends you can see up close.  With your ticket you receive a gift bag with free samples, one on one consultations with a pro to create a look just for you, exclusive gifts, and a look at the latest beauty tips and tricks while you’re pampered with a free makeup or skincare consultation.

And best of all I get to share it with my long time forever friend!

More next week where I will share some stories from this fabulous event and no doubt some new products that will be out in 2016.

Skin first.  Make-up second.  Smile always.- Unknown

Let’s Play Makeup!

Women like Amy Robach of Good Morning America and Megyn Kelly of Fox News inspire me and that includes their makeup.  Amy Robach uses National Makeup Artist Brooke Glaser and, of course,  I am a follower of hers on Twitter.  Brooke does several other celebs on GMA among others which is why she is known as the Makeup Artist for the Stars.  And! If you have not seen the April issue of More Magazine snag one somewhere.  I actually found a copy at my pharmacy when I was picking up a prescription recently.  Megyn’s story is not only beautifully written the photos included are as well.

When I was at Guerlain recently I received a sketch of the makeup Marcus Monson applied on my makeup session.  One, it gives me a sort of step by step application guide for products used and two, if I didn’t purchase those products I can go back and obtain them at another time.

Makeup application varies from individual to individual and also the time of day.  For me, the difference is in my eye makeup – lighter colors during the day and darker for nighttime.  But! application of the products never changes.

As a quick reminder – after washing your face and applying your serums, apply a good moisturizer – one that fits with your skin type whether it’s dry/sensitive; normal; or oily.

Next, choose a really good foundation.  This is one thing you should get a professional beauty advisors help with so you get the right shade and the coverage you will want, whether it’s full coverage, medium, or light. Apply the foundation with a foundation brush if you have one or use your fingers. Be sure to apply a little below your jawline and down your neck, and blend it into your skin.

Most of us always need a good concealer which should be close to your skin tone.  Again, get advice from your beauty advisor so you will have the correct color.  To conceal any dark circles under your eye apply the concealer in an inverted triangle shape. Blend the outer corners of the triangle with your fingers.

Blush or a bronzer?  I actually use both most of the time.  Apply the bronzer and then add the blush to the apples of your cheeks.  Or, if you only want to ‘blush’ during the day, again apples and around the hairline – lightly!

As you can see by the sketch Marcus did for me, I ‘dress my eyes’ for daytime and add darker colors for nighttime wear.  Remember that to make your eyeshadow last throughout the day, apply an eye shadow primer first.  Apply your eyeliner at the top and/or bottom.  Not sure what look you want? Experiment with some different looks each day.  You don’t wear the same clothes every day… why wear the same colors on your eye?

And! Don’t forget your eyebrows.  They are your face framer right?

Many makeup artists share tips of their favorite products or looks.  Photo credit on Megyn Kelly’s spread in More Magazine, lists Dior and I know from following Brook Glaser on Twitter she uses MAC’s paint pot on Amy Robach – either Painterly or Perky.  My Beauty Bag now has both!

Bat Those Lashes and Smile. – Pintrest