Christy or Megyn

So I am curious.  Did you watch Christy Brinkley on Megyn Kelly a few weeks ago?  I am a fan of both of these women.  Twenty years apart in age, but their beauty is classic.  Christy radiates beauty from within and coupled with Megyn it was a feast for the eyes for skincare addicts like me.

What are they using? When an audience member complimented Christy on her skin tone and firmness during the interview she raved over her new RECAPTURE 360 Night Anti-Aging Night Treatment.  Of course she would, it’s her business, but I was intrigued.  I was low on night cream and this one had just the ‘goodies’ in the cream I am a fan of, so I ordered

As we all know, nighttime is the best time to support our body’s natural repair cycle and to replenish our skin of things lost during the day. Recapture 360 Night Treatment supports the body’s repair of UV damage and replenish your skin with moisture.  Christy mentioned it helps firm, smooth, and rejuvenate our skin while we sleep. Over the days ahead you will wake up with skin that looks younger, firmer and newly defined.

So here we are a week or so later and I must say the creaminess and texture of this cream is amazing and my skin feels so good the next morning. It works as a good neck cream too, so that is a plus!

Price points are good and so is this product.  Now if I could just look like Christy when I pick up the mirror tomorrow!





So I am wondering… do you ever look into the mirror some mornings and just think ‘if I could smooth this spot out and make my pores look tiny again?’

I’ve got one spot on my cheek that make me occasionally wish I could just have my own personal microderm fairy available for days like this?

Well, I have found something that’s close… and ‘she’ won’t require her own bedroom or eat your all your favorite food… it’s Dr. Brandt’s Pore Dermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator, aka. ‘the large pore eliminator.’ With a blend of professional-grade physical and chemical exfoliators, this creamy wash deep cleans pores to slough away the excess oil and impurities that enlarge them. Salicylic acid breaks up oil and debris and encourages the shedding of dead skin cells to boost clarity while hyaluronic acid maintains moisture levels to keep your skin from drying out and flaky patches from forming.

How to use… First of all, I dampen my skin with water. Slowly and gently I massage for 1 minute avoiding the eye area this allows 1-2 minutes to activate and deep clean pores. Then, be sure and rinse well and pat dry. Use 1-2 times per week, allowing 3 days between applications otherwise I think you would find this very drying to your skin.

Check out other reviews on Dr. Brandt’s site and you, too, will be amazed.  Yes, there are price points on there, but you only need to use a little!

Be smoother… and smile!

Happiness looks gorgeous on you” – Pintrest

Slow Down and Breathe In The Spirit Of The Season

Whether you are Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or something close to your heart, this is the time to relax in between shopping trips and spend time with your friends and family. I am talking to myself right now, too by the way.   My birthday always falls on Thanksgiving week so from that day through New Years I usually have about 3 free days and I mean totally – free.  This year is no exception, but I did add something new to my routine and it has been such a special addition to my life.

After dinner each evening regardless of the time, I give myself a facial and for the next 10 to 25 minutes recite my thanks for the day.  Most days I find it’s time to remove my cleanser and I am still saying sayings ‘thank yous’.  It’s relaxing, meaningful, and renews my spirit and my skin at the same time!

Last night was no exception and was actually much needed.  We went to dinner with dear sweet longtime friends and celebrated our friendship at The Star.  The Star is the 91-acre campus that hosts the world headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys.  We have been watching Cowboy football cames together for years and it was fun, exciting, and my skin was ravaged by the cold winds since the festivities all took place outside.

Once we got home I got into my jammies and began began the process of restoration of my skin cells.  Winter temps and conditions are the worst for our skin.  So after cleansing I made sure to add a little more serum around my eyes and cheecks and extra moisurizer too.  There are so many beauty specials out there for the holidays I have stocked up so I know I will have plenty of items for the months ahead.

I am really liking the The Firm line from Dr. Perricone right now.  From their Eyes to their face to the neck serums, I love it all and I see quick results.  My ‘go to’ is always Dr. Dennis Gross so I just use one product line at night and one in the morning and switch the times around so I don’t mix the products on my face.  I love what I am seeing in the mirror!

So take a moment to soon to breathe… and count your blessings instead of sheep….

Make someone smile whenever you can.  You never know what a difference it could make in their life. – Pintrest


Fall Trend Show is Coming!

I had to make a quick visit to Nordstrom today and get a new foundation.  Surprise. Surprise!  It’s Triple Points until Sunday so it’s a great time to stock up on your favorite beauty products.

Second surprise is next week is Fall Trend Week!  I made my appointment on Friday for a Dr. Dennis Gross facial at 10 followed by a makeup session at YSL at 11:00.  I cannot wait to see the new fall fashions and beauty products for the season and of course the holidays.

I must say it’s 92 degrees in Dallas today and it will be the same for the next three days… but fall is coming – at least that’s what the weatherman says!

If you are in the Dallas area and would like to get your tickets for Trend Show next Saturday or would like to schedule an appointment, you can contact Gilda or Melissa Beauty Stylists at Northpark Dallas.  Their number is 214-231-3900, ext 1096.

High School Friendships

Question. How many of you attend an occasional get together with friends from high school?

I must say that I am blessed, truly blessed, with an abundance of friends and many of them are from high school.  We get together often for lunches, dinners, and celebrations of birthdays. Or just because.

My graduation class had over 1000 people in it.  So! I must also admit though I didn’t know everyone in my class, with the many gatherings we have had over the years plus the addition of social media I have met many more.   Some of these friends are lifelong friends while others are what I call “new” old friends, but each are very special to me.

We have had several gatherings over the last two weeks because one of our classmates is visiting from California. So there has been lots of activities – lunches, dinners and late nights. It’s been a whirlwind for many of us.

And then a phone call.  One of my friends was in a dilemma. Her face was breaking out with a rash of some kind with the unknown culprit most likely being late nights, working days, and extra fun.  So I dug through my Beauty Bag and put my ‘healing hands’ on Patchology’s SmartMud No Mess Detox Masque.

It was a true healer!

This masque is a detoxifying mud sheet masque that purifies your skin without leaving any pore-clogging (or sink-clogging) debris behind. It minimizes skin’s impurities and maximizes your glow game. It will also tighten your pores so they are less visible for smoother, healthy-looking skin.

This masque comes in two pieces (one for upper face and one for lower) and can be used once a week or as often as needed.  Just unfold both sections of the masque; Remove the white backing and place the mud mask over face. Once the masque is removed you see nothing but healthy, youthful glowing skin. It’s a total toxin eliminator for sure.

I saw her the following day at another dinner and she was excited to show off her beautiful skin. The rash was gone and she was ready for another night of friendship!

Smile.  And live for the moments you can’t put into words. – Inspirational Quotes.

No Needles, Please

Let me be clear. I am NOT a fan of needles.  Not at all!  Yes, I know we all have to deal with the occasional prick from time to time, but I offer my arm only when I have to and nothing more than that.

So, recently I was at Judy Gail’s, my amazing esthetician’s salon in Dallas for my monthly facial.  During the treatment she asked me if I would be her ‘guinea pig’ for about 4 weeks to test a new service she was interested in offering to her clients.  The first question out of my mouth – “are there needles involved?”  She laughed heartily.

The service? Needle-Free Mesotherapy Infusion.  I mean really? Is that a mouthful or what?  So with the word ‘needle-free’ I began to listened.  Eagerly.

Infusion mesotherapy is a pain-free and a needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy which provides safe and effective non-invasive trans-dermal delivery of therapeutic solutions. Unlike a serum that nourishes the outer layers of your skin; the mesotherapy infusion goes deeper and nourishes your skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside by opening up a microscopic channel in your skin to achieve the penetration needed to get beneath the outer layers. It’s be around since the 1950’s which it actually involved  – needles!

I actually bring my tried and true skincare products (which I know work well with my skincare regimen) with me and Judy covers my face with the mixture of all products for the treatment.  Note: You must remove all metal jewelry so the only metal left is in my teeth. You hold a metal pole to ‘ground’ you and the process begins. Yes, you do feel a ‘zap’ in your teeth throughout the treatment but it is quite bearable. Trust me on this!

I definitely saw visible results after my second treatment, but you will need 4-6 treatments spaced two weeks apart for the full effect.  Following  that it is recommended to begin maintenance treatments every 6-8 weeks. By the way, at the end of the 6th treatment I noticed my skin had a glow and even better my little sister, Jill, commented at our lunch hours later my skin looked smoother as well.

Love sisters!

“Smile.  Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles!” – Pintrest

No 7 Maybe A 10

Two or three years ago I was on the receiving end of a makeover with a beauty rep from Bobbie Brown and we got into a discussion over beauty products from drug stores such as CVS or Walgreens and he told me that he had several favorites.  I was surprised – I mean VERY surprised – at his comment.  Do drug stores sell really good skincare products?  I continued my discussion with my wonderful hair stylist, Jimmy, a few weeks later and he agreed.  You can find some great skincare if you shop carefully. He advised me to look for the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval because it wasn’t easily given awarded to products. Even more interesting, many department store brands don’t have ‘the seal’ even though they carry a higher price point. So I filed that knowledge until last December.

My friend, Judy, who does amazing skincare therapies such as facials, microderms, etc. for me asked me if I had heard of Boots or No. 7.  “It’s available at Walgreens or CVS and Target.” I stopped to listen behind those amazing lavender infused eye pads. Hmmmm.  Again, filed for future use… after all it was the holidays.  But we now fast forward to a few weeks ago.  “Are you using the No. 7 I mentioned?” Judy asked at my next visit.  “I have many clients using it and they are seeing an amazing difference on their skin”.  So!  I knew then, I needed to check this intel out – for you AND me!

Boots/No.7 Skincare has been around for years.  It’s from the UK and has gotten rave reviews. In fact seven of their products in the skincare line have – yes, The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!  So I purchased two of the products – Lift and Luminate and the Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil – which, yes, have the Seal from Good Housekeeping.  I have several friends now using it and and I must say, this is an excellent product. My skin is smoother.  Hydrated.  Plus! It’s got a great price point since it has been around so long, but don’t think ‘cheap’.

Another thing, too.  I purchased mine at Walgreens initially, but have seen it at CVS and Target.  These stores do many sales as you know and I actually got to do a BOGO last week so I got THREE for the price of two!  It doesn’t take a lot of product either so a little goes a long way.  In one week I began to see many of those small lines start to fade away.

Check their site out and see what interests you. So many products are available. There is even a mens skincare line, too. Of course you have to talk your man into using it daily – twice daily. That may prove to be a little more difficult. But! finding Boots No. 7 is not.

Smiles. The most beautiful thing in life. – Pintrest