I Feel Pretty!

The following is a Guest Post by my dear friend, Linda Thurman.  Thank you Linda for joining our circle!

Years ago I had the privilege or working with Lancome’s leading make-up artist & creative director, Ross Burton.

One season he did a red line which included red blush in both powder & cream formulas.  By this time I’d worked in the industry long enough to know that while the colors were startling, they would probably look great on the face.
It wasn’t long before the cream formula became my personal favorite because it lasts and it doesn’t have the drying appearance of powders.  The red looked great on most complexions, giving them the subtle rosy glow that children have & we long for.
A bit over a year ago I ran out of my stockpile and vainly tried to find a cream blush in that shade.  Finally I resorted to using a lipstick.

Fast forward to an article about Gabriela Hernandez in the London Daily Mail.  (
Ms. Hernandez has developed this elegant line of colors based upon the timeless colors of the 20th century from the 1910 – the early 1960s and combined with the technology of today.

Who doesn’t remember the simple elegance and beauty of our stars like Claudette Colbert, Lucille Ball, Kathryn Hepburn, Dorothy Lamour, Rita Hayworth, and Loretta Young to name a few?  While beautiful, these women were no fragile, fainting flowers.

After reading the article, I had to look up Besame, which means “kiss me” in Spanish.  I’d say “big mistake”, but I loved what I saw.  And, glory be, Besame offers a red cream blush, or as our mothers & grandmothers would have said, rouge.
I was also intrigued by the scents she offers, each based on the popularity of the scents of a particular decade.
In short, I ordered the blush, Vanilla (translucent) Brightening Powder (which doesn’t doesn’t look cake-y on the skin), and a sample of the scents.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the products and will be ordering more.  The price point is great, they have great pigment, wonderful quality, and if they are scented, the scent is natural, not chemical, and so light that I don’t notice it (a must for me).
All of the products are designed & made in the US.

To read about Besame and see their line, here is the link:

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

I See The Light – On Me!

So last Monday I had to go to one of those big box electronic stores for my husband.  The color laser printer we had purchased on Saturday was on sale for $100 off retail,  so I was more than happy to make the stop.  I figured if I did the return, that would give “me” the $100 and I can always use that for skin care or makeup … that’s fair, right?

The representative at Customer Service could not have been nicer.  She agreed that the $100 should go to me, which made her my bff for the day!  You know how we need those people in our lives, especially on Monday mornings.  I told her I was going to use the money toward some skincare or makeup and she stopped and looked at me… “you wear makeup?” she asked.  “Your skin is fabulous.”  Oh, my! Perhaps she should be my bff for the entire day???   Or, perhaps the week?  No kidding!  She asked me to give her my top 3 favorite products so she could tell her mom about them… and then mentioned her grandmother. as well.  Hmmmm well, maybe bff for the week was a stretch.  But she did make me laugh!

On this day I had actually used my Armani foundation topped with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder.  I am not big on powder on my foundation on a daily basis because at times it looks too heavy, but this look is a winner if you are an everyday or occasional finishing powder fan.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is a groundbreaking collection of finishing powders that capture, diffuse, and soften the way light reflects on your skin. The powders deliver a multidimensional luminescence to every skin tone, making it appear softer and younger.  I use Luminous Light, which is a champagne pearl powder that creates a soft, incandescent candlelit glow—day or night, but there are five other shades available – and they are all beautiful.

• ETHEREAL LIGHT: An opalescent sheer, cool white powder that mimics a moonlit glow—even in broad daylight.
• DIFFUSED LIGHT: A soft, warm, pale yellow powder that conceals redness and gives skin clarity—like a soft ray of morning light.
• DIM LIGHT: A neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.
• MOOD LIGHT: A soft, sheer lavender pink powder that mimics the softest, most forgiving light and brightens the complexion.
• RADIANT LIGHT: A sun-kissed golden beige that enhances overall complexion with believable, subtle warmth, and also extends a summer glow.

Don’t  want full coverage?  Go for it alone.  This powder is really very light.  Generally I like to apply it on specific areas of my face like the top of my cheekbones, my forehead or the bridge of my nose, as a highlighting powder rather than a finishing powder. What I really love about this powder is its smooth, non-flyaway texture and it glides over your skin for an even application.

So, light up someone’s world this week and I bet yours will be filled with smiles.

“If you’re sad add more lipstick then attack.”  – Coco Chanel