I Feel Pretty!

The following is a Guest Post by my dear friend, Linda Thurman.  Thank you Linda for joining our circle!

Years ago I had the privilege or working with Lancome’s leading make-up artist & creative director, Ross Burton.

One season he did a red line which included red blush in both powder & cream formulas.  By this time I’d worked in the industry long enough to know that while the colors were startling, they would probably look great on the face.
It wasn’t long before the cream formula became my personal favorite because it lasts and it doesn’t have the drying appearance of powders.  The red looked great on most complexions, giving them the subtle rosy glow that children have & we long for.
A bit over a year ago I ran out of my stockpile and vainly tried to find a cream blush in that shade.  Finally I resorted to using a lipstick.

Fast forward to an article about Gabriela Hernandez in the London Daily Mail.  (
Ms. Hernandez has developed this elegant line of colors based upon the timeless colors of the 20th century from the 1910 – the early 1960s and combined with the technology of today.

Who doesn’t remember the simple elegance and beauty of our stars like Claudette Colbert, Lucille Ball, Kathryn Hepburn, Dorothy Lamour, Rita Hayworth, and Loretta Young to name a few?  While beautiful, these women were no fragile, fainting flowers.

After reading the article, I had to look up Besame, which means “kiss me” in Spanish.  I’d say “big mistake”, but I loved what I saw.  And, glory be, Besame offers a red cream blush, or as our mothers & grandmothers would have said, rouge.
I was also intrigued by the scents she offers, each based on the popularity of the scents of a particular decade.
In short, I ordered the blush, Vanilla (translucent) Brightening Powder (which doesn’t doesn’t look cake-y on the skin), and a sample of the scents.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the products and will be ordering more.  The price point is great, they have great pigment, wonderful quality, and if they are scented, the scent is natural, not chemical, and so light that I don’t notice it (a must for me).
All of the products are designed & made in the US.

To read about Besame and see their line, here is the link:

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

Well, the clock is still ticking on this ‘test’ of the new Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick, but I can tell you I am loving my lips today!  This is just one item included  in the new Marc Jacobs Beauty line which is marketed as a 10 hour lipstick.

So I am now into hour eight and will soon be biting into a scrumptious New York Strip steak cooked medium.  Really juicy along with my Walt Pinot Noir which was just delivered  from Napa, so no doubt this lipstick test will be over after I wipe my lips about a dozen times.  But!  I am impressed with the long lasting effects.

I applied this lipstick right before I left for church, so it’s gone through the Kiss Kiss of friends cheeks, lunch, a stressful Cowboy football game and must I admit – a nap?  It’s cold here in Dallas today with rain and temps are in the low 60’s.  We say ‘cold’ here in Texas because anything under 70 degrees requires long sleeves and a little blanket and I must say, my lips still looked great when I awoke… 15 minutes later.  Short nap, yes.

This lipstick is a rich, creamy lipstick that redefines luxury with instant indulgent color while providing 10 hours of wear. And it feels fabulous on your lips. Promise! Your lips will feel instantly plumped and nourished from powerful peptides, antioxidant-rich seaberry, and natural humectants, including meranti and cocoa butter. Just snap the case shut and hear a satisfying click, which Marc Jacobs describes as “the sound of luxury.”   My color today is ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’… but I will be adding several to my bag.

I picked this one up at Sephora, so you can easily order online or visit a store.  Like me I know you will want to sample the other colors – there are 26 of them! Smack!

Just have fun.  Smile.  And keep putting on lipstick. – Pintrest

I love To Be Kissed

Do you like to kiss?  Or maybe I should say do you love to be kissed?  I think we can all say “Yes!” to that.  Well, of course, we want that special person to have minty fresh breath as well, right??

Kissable lips are a must right?  I love the look of plump lips and the feel as well.  Seems like whether we have smoked or not we all get those pesky lines around our lips at some point. Or horrors… could be be age? Well, I will tell you I have found the cure and it doesn’t involve a needle.

Another very cool product from Trend Show was Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss… a lip lift stick.  And! when it is combined with Guerlains’ tried and true Abeille Royale Honey Smile Lift your lips will look amazing… and feel even better whether those lips have been kissed or not.

What I find with this combo is my lips look soft, and, of course, kissable.  But they also hold on to my favorite lipstick for several hours. I have to say the packaging of this this lip balm is by far the most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen (for a lip balm) which is so true to Guerlain. They package a beautiful lipstick too, which also has a mirror!

So whether you are in the mood to be kissed or just want to ‘look’ kissable… this duo is a must.

If she smiles just a little while you are kissing…you are doing it right! – Pintrest

Forecast: Color!


My husband was a meteorologist while he was in the Navy.  So these days he’s the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to forecasting the weather.  But! when it comes to beauty forecasts, I am the one that gets excited about what’s coming.  Not him.

Now that the first of several local beauty events are now history, I can tell you that the 2016 Beauty Forecast shows Color:  And lots of it!  Even if you prefer shades of grey / soft nudes for your daily look… surprise yourself and those around you this year and add a pop of red lipstick to brighten your look.

Smashbox is always a great go-to when it comes to lipstick.  The Be Legendary line is available in matte and cream and offers some amazing color choices with staying power.  I recently purchased LA Sunset for myself and Legendary for my daughter and I must admit I got another one for every day in Cognac..

One of my favorite products from last week’s event is from Guerlain. My amazing Beauty Advisor, Meredith Meyer, showed me a beautiful Terracotta Palette from Guerlain which is perfect for contouring – which is also popular again this year.  And it is fun to use!  This is a limited edition contouring palette made up of 2 contouring shades and 2 highlighting shades that can be used for the face and eyes. (Trivia:  Did you know Guerlain launched the world’s first bronzer in 1984 and these bronzers are meant to mix and match to suit our mood?) I have several but knowing this – I may need a few more!

Also in Beauty Trends for this year is – the eyebrow.  I love a beautiful eyebrow.  It frames your face, but I must admit when I was just dabbling into makeup years ago it was one of those things I ignored on my face.  Don’t do it, girlfriends!  They can totally add to your look and they are easy to do.  Draw a clean line under your brow and repeat on the top of your brow. Fill in your brow lightly and then I usually brush through to get rid of any excess product. Use a lighter concealer to sharpen the finish and blend with your finger.  That’s it!  NARS and Anastasia Beverly Hills both offer great eyebrow pencils in a variety of colors so you can always get a perfect match.

Next week I am excited to again visit with Meredith and a National Rep for Guerlain to try more new products…

Tis the season… for color!

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.  – Paramahansa Yogananda




Shopping Fun!

I love shopping days with my daughter. Last week we were stopped twice by strangers as we walked through Nordstrom with a declaration of “twins” – probably not a compliment to my daughter, but as her mom I loved the comparison! Both of us use the same hair stylist, Jimmy Moreau with Crown Salon in Highland Park, so our hairstyles are similar in style and color, but! The real key to the identity matter is skincare! My daughter is as faithful to her skincare regimen as her mom, because, again, the Noxzema Queen had a huge influence on both of our lives.

Shopping. We went to Sephora for the big 20% off sale and did we have fun! Proof is reflected on my credit card and all the products in our shopping bag. We met Anthony Stravio, Sales and Education Coordinator for Bobbie Brown where we learned about the history of Bobbie Brown and picked up some great products to try – for all of us! (Did you know that Bobbie Brown launched her lipstick line in 1990 after working with a chemist to find the perfect lipstick shade? When Bobbi’s ten lipsticks launched in 1991 at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, they were an instant success. On her first day Bobbi sold 100 lipsticks—the number she had expected to sell in the first month!)

One of those products I purchased is an artist-inspired palette with Bobbi Brown’s 10 original lip colors, including two shimmers. Inside are twelve nude, bright, and bold shades that can be worn alone or layered to create virtually any lip look. One thing I noticed bout her lipsticks is the creamy feel and semi-matte finish. Each lip color instantly delivers comfortable, rich color and they are formulated with vitamins E and C and beeswax, leaving your lips moisturized for hours. This palette includes lip colors in Salmon, Beige, Raisin, Brown, Rose, Pink, Orange, Blackberry, Burnt Red, Red, Beige Gold, Berry Shimmer, but have fun mixing them too. The combos are endless! These lipsticks are very buildable and that’s where the fun begins!

A smile is happiness you will find right under your nose. – Tom Wilson