Slow Down and Breathe In The Spirit Of The Season

Whether you are Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or something close to your heart, this is the time to relax in between shopping trips and spend time with your friends and family. I am talking to myself right now, too by the way.   My birthday always falls on Thanksgiving week so from that day through New Years I usually have about 3 free days and I mean totally – free.  This year is no exception, but I did add something new to my routine and it has been such a special addition to my life.

After dinner each evening regardless of the time, I give myself a facial and for the next 10 to 25 minutes recite my thanks for the day.  Most days I find it’s time to remove my cleanser and I am still saying sayings ‘thank yous’.  It’s relaxing, meaningful, and renews my spirit and my skin at the same time!

Last night was no exception and was actually much needed.  We went to dinner with dear sweet longtime friends and celebrated our friendship at The Star.  The Star is the 91-acre campus that hosts the world headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys.  We have been watching Cowboy football cames together for years and it was fun, exciting, and my skin was ravaged by the cold winds since the festivities all took place outside.

Once we got home I got into my jammies and began began the process of restoration of my skin cells.  Winter temps and conditions are the worst for our skin.  So after cleansing I made sure to add a little more serum around my eyes and cheecks and extra moisurizer too.  There are so many beauty specials out there for the holidays I have stocked up so I know I will have plenty of items for the months ahead.

I am really liking the The Firm line from Dr. Perricone right now.  From their Eyes to their face to the neck serums, I love it all and I see quick results.  My ‘go to’ is always Dr. Dennis Gross so I just use one product line at night and one in the morning and switch the times around so I don’t mix the products on my face.  I love what I am seeing in the mirror!

So take a moment to soon to breathe… and count your blessings instead of sheep….

Make someone smile whenever you can.  You never know what a difference it could make in their life. – Pintrest


Fall Trend Show is Coming!

I had to make a quick visit to Nordstrom today and get a new foundation.  Surprise. Surprise!  It’s Triple Points until Sunday so it’s a great time to stock up on your favorite beauty products.

Second surprise is next week is Fall Trend Week!  I made my appointment on Friday for a Dr. Dennis Gross facial at 10 followed by a makeup session at YSL at 11:00.  I cannot wait to see the new fall fashions and beauty products for the season and of course the holidays.

I must say it’s 92 degrees in Dallas today and it will be the same for the next three days… but fall is coming – at least that’s what the weatherman says!

If you are in the Dallas area and would like to get your tickets for Trend Show next Saturday or would like to schedule an appointment, you can contact Gilda or Melissa Beauty Stylists at Northpark Dallas.  Their number is 214-231-3900, ext 1096.

Is There A Wrinkle Fairy?

So, I had a MRI today.  Ok, you say… and? Well here’s what happened… I walked into the ‘tunnel room’ and the tech looks at me and then may chart and then back at me again and shows me the chart.  “Is this you? ” I chuckle and said “yes”.  He then says “well looking at your birthdate I thought I would see a lady with lots of wrinkles.”  THAT alone made me laugh so hard.  Really?  As we age some think we are expected to have a face full of wrinkles?  Not!  So, after we had a good laugh, I climbed into the chamber and actually fell asleep! (Of course I had to plug my blog Wrinkle Me Not)

We go through our 30’s and 40’s and get a few wrinkles, but they are the cute kind around your eyes… and then you hit your 50’s and overnight they appear like the wrinkle fairy zaps your in your sleep!  Don’t fear the Wrinkle Fairy, my friends.  Serums and creams are plentiful out there as we all know and there are some that work for each of us.  Now, what works for crow’s feet or dark circles may not work for the bags under your eyes, but there are serums/creams that will.  You just have to talk with those wonderful beauty advisors and try different products.  They are happy to provide samples for you to try until you find exactly what you need, too.

We are now into Winter as we all know.  Sure, here in Texas we have had some spring-like days, but the dry harsh winds have been here and will return.  That’s why winter facials are soooo important.  That is actually why the MRI tech noticed my skin today I do believe.  I applied my Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask to my face last night after my bath.  You can leave it on for 10-30 minutes and I always opt for the longest time.  Besides my Dallas Cowboys were playing so in addition to my blue jersey I was also sporting a blue face.  I looked just like some of those fans in the stands, if I do say so myself.  But!  When I peeled my mask off… I had smooth well hydrated skin that will last for several days.

This two-step gel which your mix with loose powder improves the appearance of fine lines and pores, revives dull, dry, and dehydrated skin, and smooths the appearance of uneven skintone and texture for skin that looks firm, supple, and dewy. The system is designed to create an occlusive barrier, loaded with humectants to seal in hydration, while an algae and calcium complex draws heat to cool and calm the skin. Medical grade marine algae, harvested from arctic Norwegian seas, and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid work to instantly create the appearance of plumper skin and seal in moisture for lasting hydration.

Be good to your skin during these cold, dry windy winter months no matter where you live. You never know who will notice and it might surprise you who does!

A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. – Beyonc’e


Rain Rain… go away!

Well, I spoke too soon.  Yes, it IS Spring Break… but where oh where is the sun?  I have seen nothing but rain, more rain, additional rain and then… downpours.   I attended a big wine event last night that included the opening of Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum.  It is such fun to dress up in our spring attire at this venue but I must say everyone in attendance looked like ‘winter’ not at all spring.  Why?  Because it was cold and rainy… but I must admit the wine still poured well.. in fact, very well, I must add.  So I must say I am looking forward like many of us here to say so long, au revoir, adios to Old Man Winter.

But according to the calendar and our groundhog friend the harsh winter months are behind us and I so look so forward to waving goodbye to that dry flaky skin that clings to us like a wicked step sister.  Eck!  My favorite ‘flake remover’ is Kiel’s Crème de Corp which is my all time favorite lotion to banish those awful flakes on my legs and my arms.

Sometimes we neglect our skin from the neck down. Fortunately, this rich body moisturizer, which is a Kiehl’s customer favorite and mine, has us covered. The non-greasy formula includes a blend of ingredients like cocoa butter and sesame oil to soften dry skin.

It is very easy to apply, a little goes a long way.  It really hydrates very well and doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I apply it following my bath (or shower) and then allow it to dry before dressing. Plus this lotion keeps my skin moisturized for two days which is a huge plus!  This wonderful cream is fragrance-free, but since I’ve got a crazy nose that can smell everything, I usually say it has a nice neutral smell.

Regardless of the season you will love this lotion. Kiel’s is amazing when it comes to samples so if you visit one of their stores or a counter in a department store the advisor will be happy to prepare a sample for you.

All people smile in the same language. – Proverb

She Got a Facial!

You’ve heard the saying, ‘out of the mouths of babes…’ My little granddaughter recently saw a Christmas card I had received from her Pre-k teacher. She looked over the picture of her teacher with her boys and said ‘she is really pretty’… and then stopped puts her hand to her check and exclaimed “I know!  She got a facial!” That little comment brought a giggle and made my day… she is learning about skin care at a very very young age!

As the saying goes you can never have too many facials.  I usually schedule one every month and if I plan it right I might have two!  I have two estheticians that I just love.  Both ladies do facials a little different from the other so I have a variety of modalities in which to indulge.

Facials during this time of the year are so important to our skin.  With winter’s harsh conditions coupled with the drying effect of wind and heat on our skin, a facial becomes an oasis for our entire face and décolleté.   They work to counteract these effects by improving our circulation, providing deep cleansing, as well as restoring moisture and hydrating our skin.

During the winter months my facials include the use of exfoliants and masks which remove the dead skin cells so that the new skin cells underneath are revealed. Winter is also a great time to get a peel treatment.  My Clairsonic does and awesome job of deep cleansing, but a peel really cleans your skin to a whole new layer.  After a peel your products will reach a deeper level since it doesn’t have to fight its way through makeup residue or the daily grime that comes with being outside.

Start the New Year off with a facial and celebrate the beginning of 2016 and a new you! And then ready yourself for some amazing new products on the horizon which we can discover together!

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. ~Charles Gordy