Beautiful Skin With A Bonus!

As I mentioned on my last post there were several new products which debuted during the Spring Trend Show that I want to share … and several that I purchased that I am already in love with.

Karen and I both love Dior’s Capture Totale DreamSkin Perfect Skin Creator.  It’s that little something ‘extra’ we add between our moisturizer and makeup.  Much like a primer, but it is light and brightens your skin too and makes for a ‘perfect’ poreless canvas.  We had booked our makeup session with Dior following the show so we were looking forward to seeing what’s new with Dior. And I found it!

Capture Totale Dream Skin Cushion.  Yes, it has the Dream Skin addition to the foundation, but this cushion foundation promises to refine skin texture, reduce spots, redness, and smooth, and firm the skin. It is lightweight but long lasting and protects the skin with an SPF50.  And surprise! this cushion comes with a bonus refill!

This is a light, buildable foundation, but for complete coverage I apply a small amount of my foundation and then press the cushion over it. The formula is so hydrating it makes my complexion appear more plump and dewy.  It also controls oil and shine, so it will work well with summer coming especially in warm weather climates such as Texas. But, if you prefer a no look foundation, this works too.  It’s my ‘go to’ look for the weekends or days I just only want to remove the shine and look like I’m makeupless.

As I mentioned… the compact foundation comes with its own applicator which can be turned over and used when the refill is inserted. I love this new product and it is just in time for summer.

And here’s another bonus – but you must act FAST!

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 27 is Mascara Madness at Nordstrom.  That’s when we can stock up on our favorites or try new ones.  Mascara Madness – Buy 2 mascaras and get one free!  Tomorrow only.  IF YOU ARE IN TEXAS you can call or text my favorite Beauty Consultant, Lauren Cave, at 817-948-6523 and order your mascara.  Nordstrom will ship it to you!  Tomorrow ONLY! Tell her you read this on Wrinkle Me Not and she will take care of you! Are you smiling now?  Hope so!

Skin first.  Makeup second.  Smile always! – Glossier




Oil For My Face?

Where do I begin?

So many products were unveiled at Trend Show ’17 and of course several were from one of my favorites – Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare.  That brand is never one to disappoint.  Karen and I were comparing notes this week and we both agreed on one favorite – Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil.

Now you may be like me.  When you hear the word ‘oil’ and think of putting it all over your face and neck – you quiver. But!  I’ve been using this product faithfully for 2 weeks and I can already see a difference in my skin.  If you like a smooth neck – and who doesn’t?  This is definitely a ‘must’ to try.

Triple C Peptide Firming Oil helps to lift and firm your skin while providing it with the nutrition it needs to feel comfortable, nourished and revived.  It’s ideal for anyone experiencing loss of elasticity due to age, stress or environmental factors.  And!  This oil replenishes your skin to make it look and feel younger and plumper.

Now here’s little trick I was shown during the product demonstration.  After applying the firming oil and seeing the amazing difference in your skin, follow it with one of the DDG glow pads.  These two products work beautifully together and make you glow from your décolleté to your forehead.

I apply it in the morning and at night. Shake it well and apply 2-3 drops (or more if needed).  I start at my décolleté and smooth it upward and gently massage it into my skin. (Note: always begin at the décolleté to your forehead… pull that skin UP every chance you get!)

And!  For those of you that shy away from those Alpha Beta Glow Pads that I love, love, love.  Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare has introduced an alternative for those of you that don’t want to look like you have spent a day at the beach or had a picnic in the warm Texas sun.  Alpha Beta Gradual Glow Pad Self-Tanner for Face is now available.  Gradual glow is the key here.  As always you apply the towelette to your face, neck, and décolleté in circular motions, blending evenly.  But! YOU build the glow factor you want by applying it it each day to achieve your desired color.  Then space applications to maintain your ideal glow.

Okay… there’s favorite new products number one… and there’s more to come.

Put on your smiles first… then your lipstick. – Pintrest


I have had some great comments about the story of my mom, aka The Noxzema Queen, over the last year.  So in memory of my amazing mom, who no doubt still wears her earrings and red lipstick along with her heavenly wings, I am reposting her story in honor of Mother’s Day. Smile!

My mom, Junie, was well-known for her BIG earrings, her long red polished nails and to my sister, Jill, and me, as the Noxzema Queen.  She lathered that white cream all over her face and neck before she went to bed every single night.  My daddy complained about the smell, but it always fell on deaf ears. And! If Jill and I were anywhere near the application room, we got covered too so it didn’t take us long to figure out if you could smell it… don’t go there!   But!  I must say! Her skin was absolutely beautiful until the day she left this world to go to her heavenly home. She knew about good skincare!

As I grew up and into my early thirties, I did crazy things with sun lamps and baby oil in the Texas sun, but one day I realized what my mother had been trying to teach me about taking care of my skin.  So I hopped on board the skincare ‘train’ at her urging and began to research and try various products.  I have my tried and true favorites, of course, but I continually go to my beauty bag of samples so I can share ‘new loves’ with you, too.

A couple of months ago a friend at church turned to me in her pew and said “I need my skin to look like yours – by next Friday”.  I smiled and said ‘start moisturizing NOW and stay away from the sun unless you are covered with sunscreen and have a fabulous hat!  You see, growing up in Texas, we girls love the ‘glow’ of the sun.   But!  There are so many sunless tanning options available to us now, there is no reason to ‘bake’ our bodies in the sun any longer.  Each spring I share with you several of my favorite products that I love as we prepare our body to glow. I actually continue that glow year round because I love the look of my skin with some healthy color  – just not a  tan dark color.  I saw my friend at church yesterday and asked her if she had found a great moisturizer to begin using and she replied she just didn’t have time.  Friends, we all have time to take care of our skin, though if it’s a new concept for you it may be that you have to <em>make</em> time in the beginning.  We are all busy, but trust me – good skincare and the reflection you see in the mirror each morning from the time spent will be your reward each morning – even if it’s a blue jar of Noxzema – do it, for you!

A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear. – Unknown

It’s In The Books – Trend Show 2017


Well, Spring Trend Show ’17 at Nordstrom in Dallas is now history and all I can say is – it did not disappoint.  In fact, in words of my BF Shopping Diva “Best Show Ever!”

As many of my readers know, Karen and I have been enjoying these fun and informative Beauty Trend Shows together for years.  And, as some of you well know you have to get up early for this one! The doors swing wide open at 7:30 am, so you can grab a seat near the runway, complete with coffee and treats and get ready for the show.

And! I must share… besides fabulous new skincare and makeup products there was one other thing new.  For the first time E-V-E-R, I won one of the product drawings!! (And guess what it was??  Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads!  And you know they are my all time favorite product! )

Nordstrom’s Beauty Director, Kevin Sifflet, opened the show with his version of that famous phrase from Grimm’s Fairy tale/aka Snow White: “Mirror mirror on the wall – When did this begin to fall?” which got a big roar of laughter from all attendees.  I think all of us understood that poem all too well.

Complete with a  spring fashion show and introduction of products from many of our favorite line of beauty vendors such as MAC, Trish McEvoy, Chantecaille and YSL, over 400 women (and a very few men) enjoyed the day which was filled with information, makeovers, facials, product demos and beauty.  Lots of it!

I was able to reconnect with several friends from the world of beauty such as Marcus Monson,  who is National Makeup Artist for Chanel now, and make some new ones, too, which is always very special.  But, for now, I wanted to share a few pictures from this year’s show. (Kevin Sifflet, Enrique Starnes-Ortega (DDG Skincare), Pamela Morgan (YSL), and me!)

Over the next few weeks I will share with you some of my favorite beauty products I purchased and you know… they might become some of yours.  So, coupled with Cinco de Mayo festivities, frozen margaritas and the  143rd running of the Kentucky Derby (Patches I was rooting for you, love!) it was a memory making weekend.

Start each day with your lipstick and a beautiful smile. –


Highlight YOU!

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of  Kevyn Aucoin Beauty.  I first discovered it on a shopping trip to Nordstrom where a few products were displayed on an endcap and was just blow way by the offerings.  Kevyn, and well known makeup artist,  passed away in 2002 but his style and amazing products keep his name in the forefront of the world of beauty.

Many of his products are available at Barneys New York, Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Nigel Beauty Emporium, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and many other retailers.  If you run across them, I know you will not be disappointed in them.  They are just a little bit different and definite keepers.

I recently purchased the Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting Fluid in Candlelight and it is one of my new favorites!  Just a drop around your eyes highlights the beauty of your eyes and will pick out just the tone within your eyes to make you look your best.

You can use this all over your face over moisturized skin.  It adds radiance and a delicate highlight wherever it is placed. The highlights created are never harsh and the look is as if you are glowing from within!

I love it as a highlighter most.  You can lightly apply it to cheeks, your brow bone, and décolleté and blend with fingertips.

Feeling creative?  Use it as a developer and mix in with your favorite Kevyn Aucoin foundation to add a subtle hint of shimmer to the skin.

Just a few of the celebrities who use his products include Cher, Liza Minnelli, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lisa Marie Presley, Courtney Love and Vanessa L. Williams.

I’m getting ready for the Spring Trend show this weekend at Nordstrom and have had my tickets for almost 2 months.  I cannot wait to see what new products my friend Karen and I discover and trust me – you will know soon after what we find.

Smile happiness looks gorgeous on you. – Unknown


A Hand Cream Filled With Memories

Several years ago while traveling in Paris with a group of co-workers and friends, my husband and I were able to attend my first product launch.  Believe me there is nothing like a Paris product launch!  Couple it with the backdrop of the Champs Elysees, one of the most celebrated shopping districts in the world, and filled with lots of glitz and glamour.  Only in Paris.

Prior to leaving for this trip, a Lancome beauty rep at Macy’s told me of an upcoming product – Absolue – that was going to ‘rock’ the beauty world with all it would offer women and indeed it has.  I couldn’t buy the product in France to take back to the states so I had to ‘wait’ on it to follow me back to Texas.  And I did.  I was probably one of the first to buy it in Dallas as I kept tabs on it’s arrival – which was almost 5 weeks later.

It was only recently I was reminded of my first ‘fling’ with Absolue as I visited with my youngest daughter.  I had given her a makeup bag filled with samples for her birthday.  A few days later, she mentioned that she had fallen in love with a product and asked me if I had heard of it.  Lancome Absolue.  I smiled at the memories it evoked.

To this day one of my favorite Lancome products is my Absolue Hand Premium BX Cream.  This is not your normal hand cream.  This is an ultra-luxurious hand cream that lessens the look of age spots and contains a replenishing moisture with SPF 15 protection.  This cream is rich with soy and sea algae which helps reinforce elasticity and firmness. Instantly (and I do mean it when I say ‘instantly’) your hands feel softer, more supple and relieved of uncomfortable dryness with a more even-toned, luminous look of youth.

Over time it will reduce the appearance of existing age spots, leaving your skin looking clearer and more even-toned and hydrates instantly.  From the moment it is applied, the dryness disappears. Be advised… once you begin to use it no other hand cream will ever feel the same.

I’ve got nothing to do today, but smile. – Fresh Quotes

Springtime Glow Alert

Hey! Do you watch Good Morning America on Thursdays for the Deals?  I must admit – I do.  Actually it’s my favorite segment on that show these days.  I have found such great items and some surprises, too.

So on a recent show when I heard about a tanning spray that lasts 2-3 weeks my ears perked up. As you know, I love the ‘glow’ year round so I had to try it.

The Vita Liberata PHenomenal Hydrating Tanning Lotion with pHenO2 Technology says it provides a long-lasting, natural-looking tan result for your face and body. And!  The tan develops over four to eight hours and lasts up to two to three weeks.  Yep!

My friend, Ana, also made the leap to try this product and she told me today she not only loves the smell (or non smell) of this product but also the ease of application.  It does not streak as so many tanning lotions do and is packed with botanicals such as aloe vera, shea butter, and more.  So it’s no surprise that this  tanning  cream helps to condition, smooth, and moisturize your skin so it feels soft and supple–perfect for people with dry or mature skin.

How to use:  Exfoliate, but do not moisturize prior to tanning. Use a tanning mitt and apply to skin in elongated circular movements. Allow at least six to eight hours before showering off with water. Replicate this process two more times for the longest lasting tan result. Gently wipe elbows, knuckles, knees, and ankles with a damp cloth following application, and only apply a minimal amount of product to the backs of the hands and tops of the feet.

This tanning lotion is available in Fair, Medium and Dark.  I purchased the medium and am happy with the ‘look’ of the product.  But again, for the longest lasting tan, it is suggested that you apply it three times over 12 to 24 hours, showering with water only before each application.  You must be sure your skin is clean and exfoliated.  Ana purchased the product at Sephora and a Tan Mitt was included which makes application very easy.  As with any tanning product you should use it sparingly on hands, feet, knees, and elbows.

So this product is perfect to get that springtime ‘glow’ and start looking toward summer.  I’m ready! Are you?

Use your smile to change this world, but don’t let this world change your smile. – Pintrest