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Let’s Twirl!

If you see me twirling… it’s for one of two reasons.  My Dallas Cowboys have won their football game or I have just found my next favorite beauty product.  Oh how I wish it was my Cowboys, but alas, it is spring and we are months away from a football game.

So!  Here’s my news and I must, MUST share it with you.

As many of you know I am a huge fan of the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads.  I have used them for over 5 years and never miss a day without my ‘peel’ so you can imagine my delight with the introduction of DDG Skincare’s Alpha Beta® Exfoliating Moisturizer!

When skin is renewed through exfoliation and then replenished with intense hydration, the effect is synergistic.  I can actually SEE and FEEL my hydrated skin, refined texture, and improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The patented blend of Alpha Beta acids in this pore-refining formula accelerates cell turnover and lifts away surface dullness. This exfoliating action allows moisturizing ingredients to strengthen the moisture barrier and deliver hydration where skin needs it most, for up to 72 hours.

This moisturizer can be used in the morning and evening. I massage a small amount into my clean, dry face, neck and décolleté. For optimal results I use it right after the Alpha Beta Peel Pads which can be in the morning or evening depending on how fast I ‘rise and shine’ each day.

Packaging states to give this new product about 4 weeks to see results, but I promise you WILL see them. Then, you can twirl with me!

A Smile… is the best makeup any girl can ever wear. – Pintrest

Ahhhh Facial…

Ahhhhh….Oh! How I do love facials!  Pure indulgence!   Being on the receiving end of magic fingers is the ultimate experience, but your magical digits can work miracles for your skin, as well!

A professional facial is customized for you based upon your skin care needs and skin type. It will usually include a skin analysis, cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, (if necessary) a customized masque depending on your individual needs, moisturizer, and a lip treatment.  Some include a relaxing massage of your face, scalp, shoulders, hands and arms. And! there are a variety of facials available, too. The type of facial you obtain based on your skin analysis may be to brighten, lighten, firm, anti-ageing or to clear problematic skin. It may also include a peel or a microderm, too. Facials can target sun damage, wrinkles, oily and congested skin, again depending on your skin’s needs.

As a regular Nordstrom shopper, up until a few years ago I did not know that many stores actually have in-store beauty rooms where you can actually receive a spa facial while you’re out shopping. This is now one of my favorite places to get a quick facial pick me up, because not only to I get to receive a fabulous facial, I leave the facial room, pick a makeup spot and try new products with a make-up artist. (So I can share them with you!)

Okay, so, you don’t have the funds or the time and can’t schedule a professional facial?  Don’t let that stop you from self-indulgence just start giving yourself a facial at home.  I try to do them every other week and, I promise you, it will be the best 20 minutes you do for yourself and your skin.

Clarisonic.  I use it every day to cleanse my face because of the benefits that this machine offers.  It cleanses yet, deeply removes other build up that simply washing your face with a cloth doesn’t accomplish. Following a good cleanse I use a light peel pad (Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads are my fave), along with an Alpha Beta Glow Pad, which is an exfoliating self-tanner with anti-aging properties and vitamin D.  Regardless of your skin color these glow pads add radiance and will provide a healthy glow to your skin year-round.  Next, apply your favorite serums to face, eyes, neck and décolleté. I usually allow about 2 minutes for the serums to penetrate and then apply my moisturizer and other specialty creams.  You can spend as much time as you desire on your home facials.  Whether it’s 15 minutes or longer you can improve your skin with this weekly ritual.

In addition to a wonderful pampering treat, facials are the key to healthy skin. I was told several years ago that to maintain a radiant healthy glow, you should try to fit in two facials per month. If you follow these simple steps, you will be amazed with the results you can achieve at home.

Continue the evening by enjoying a nice Cab or Chardonnay and the glow of beautifully scented candle afterwards! You are welcome!

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. ~Author Unknown

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Thanks, Galentines and Wonder Pads, Oh My!

Merci’. Danke. Gracias. Thank you… for your comments that not only inspire me, but give me an understanding of you – my readers.  There are thousands of blogs out there and I am grateful that you have taken the time to read mine over the last year.  At the encouragement of two of my very close friends, Karen and Gaylan, I took the plunge this week and kicked off a Facebook Page for Wrinkle Me Not.  It will basically be used to promote my newest posts to this blog as well as enable me to reach a broader audience.

Many of your recent comments have asked “what’s that special product I am never without?” Searching through my bottomless beauty bag I have to admit there are several, but will say that the one I use every day without fail is my Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Pads.

As mentioned in a previous post it is a two-step anti-aging facial peel that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and helps with dark spots and redness. It’s like a ‘wonder pad’ for me. They were introduced to me by my friend, Enrique Ortega, an Account Exec for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, years ago.

Who is it for? Really any of us seeking to reduce those dreaded signs of aging and gain a more radiant and youthful appearance plus they are for all skin types, including those with extremely sensitive skin. They are available in regular and extra strength, too.  Since I have been using these pads daily for five years I have seen a complete change in the texture and glow of my skin.  You can purchase these pads in a 30 or 60 day supply, too, which makes the price point a little better. Mine come from Nordstrom because I love collecting the Nordy points, but they are also available online through Sephora, the Dr. Dennis Gross’ website and other skincare sites.

On Valentine’s Day I went to lunch with some of my Galentines – friends from high school that enjoy lunch, happy hours and fun times together.  In addition to sharing lunch and dessert we ate some scrumptious cupcakes, received a Starbucks card from Marty, and I really mixed things up when I took a bag of samples for each friend to choose from. Input. Whether it’s from my girl friends, my daughters or you, I love it.  It guides me on your interest levels and how one product may not work for one of us, but may work for another. Know I enjoy your comments, your questions and always your input.

I am especially excited about some upcoming spring beauty events.  Colors will be wilder, brighter and more amazing skincare products are on the horizon, too.  Be good to your skin at any age.  It will be with you always and I want all of us to be the best we can be at any age.

Smiling is my favorite exercise. ~Author Unknown

I Confess, I Did DVR NCIS

I am a huge fan of NCIS … even in reruns there’s just something about Jethro Gibbs that just… well… pulls me into each epi, but! I had to DVR Jethro and watch QVC one Tuesday night recently for a product launch I was sooo excited to hear more about. It was all about Alpha Beta® Medi-Spa Peel. Did you see it? After watching Dr. Dennis Gross perform the procedure on a client LIVE I had to try it! Now I didn’t order it from QVC, because it was not going to ship for at least a week so I attended another product launch at Nordstrom two days later… and would you believe? I ended up having to order the product there too. LOL Oh well… but I am telling ya it’s worth the wait.

This Medi-Spa Peel is much like the Alpha Beta 2-Step Peel Pads I have discussed on a previous post, but there is one difference. It’s more intense – as in little more tingling and over time should make Botox only a distant memory. This system is used only once a week either with the Alpha Beta Peel Pads or alone. I am using them together for maximum fine line erasing!

Containing 15 powerful acids which is more than double the amount in original Alpha Beta® Peel pads it will instantly revive the skin. Like the pads, this is a two-step application. The Step 1 pad is thicker and will gently nourish and rejuvenate the skin, while the Step 2 Peptide Milk neutralizes the skin and enhances acid benefits. When I asked Ernique, product rep for DDG Skincare, he remarked it’s for those of us looking to turbo-charge their skincare regimen, improve skin tone, reduce pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving cell turnover. Furthermore, it’s for all skin types.

Apply a presoaked pad to clean, dry skin using broad strokes. After 3-5 minutes, massage Step 2 onto face in upward motion following facial contours. Do not rinse after either step or use products containing alcohol. That’s it! (I think doing this in the evening is better, so you get the full benefit) After two applications I have begun to see a softening in my forehead horizontal lines. Since this box contains 16 applications I am hoping to see lines from my forehead diminished by the holiday season.

Now, if only Jethro will forgive me. You know how men can be when when they don’t have our complete attention. Right girls/guys?

Firm and Glow… Its Super Bowl Weekend!

Whether your team is playing this Sunday or not, many of us will be attending Super Bowl parties.  I have a group of friends coming over to my house and I wanted to share my ‘game plan’ for Saturday night with you.  I plan to ‘firm and glow’ at this game day party to help ease the disappointment of my Cowboys once again not making it into the playoffs this year.

Have you heard the stories of Peyton Manning’s play calling of “Omaha! Omaha?” This might be a slight variation of that chant since my plan could be called “dgskincare”!  Remember the Alpha Beta Peel Pads and Glow pads I discussed in my Beauty Bag opening?  We are going to put them into the game plan, but will lead off with two other dgskincare products.  To cleanse my face, I want something thorough and quick.  I don’t like a lot of steps.  I just want my face clean with all makeup removed.  I use the All-In-One Cleansing Foam.  It’s light in texture and fragrance and foams on dispensing.  I cover my face in foam and go across my eyelids as well.  It is easily removed and takes my eye makeup off as well.  I’m ready for the next play.

DDG Age Erase Recovery Mask provides visible firming even after its first use. It contains a Hyaluronic Acid Complex which immediately smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Like the Alpha Beta Peel Pads discussed before, this is a two step process.  With dry hands open Step 1 and apply over your face, neck and décolleté area; dampen you hands slightly and add Step Two.  Step Two is a vitamin infused self-heating mask.  It feels amazing and the packaging states the product promotes relaxation and for me it does just that.  Leave the product on your face a full 12 minutes.  Remove the mask with a warm wash cloth.

Next play, get your Alpha Beta Peel Pads and use Step One and Two on your face.  Remember to wait two minutes between both steps.  You may feel some tingling now, but you will also feel your skin firming! Following Step Two I usually wait another 5 minutes then use an Alpha Beta Glow Pad (Face).  Remember the more swipes you go over your face, neck and décolleté the darker you will be.  Since it is February, I won’t try to look like I have been on the beaches of Maui yet, so one swipe on my face and a couple on my neck area is my choice.  I will leave that up to you, but one thing I want to remind you… wash your hands!  The product WILL stain your hands and fingers.  Immediately add your moisturizer to all areas and look at your amazing skin.

So that’s my game plan before I go to bed Saturday night.  The products will have a chance to penetrate into my skin and the next more morning (Sunday) I will visibly see firmer skin with a glow.  That’s a game winning touchdown in my playbook!

Go Blue! (That covers both teams, right?)