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Christy or Megyn

So I am curious.  Did you watch Christy Brinkley on Megyn Kelly a few weeks ago?  I am a fan of both of these women.  Twenty years apart in age, but their beauty is classic.  Christy radiates beauty from within and coupled with Megyn it was a feast for the eyes for skincare addicts like me.

What are they using? When an audience member complimented Christy on her skin tone and firmness during the interview she raved over her new RECAPTURE 360 Night Anti-Aging Night Treatment.  Of course she would, it’s her business, but I was intrigued.  I was low on night cream and this one had just the ‘goodies’ in the cream I am a fan of, so I ordered

As we all know, nighttime is the best time to support our body’s natural repair cycle and to replenish our skin of things lost during the day. Recapture 360 Night Treatment supports the body’s repair of UV damage and replenish your skin with moisture.  Christy mentioned it helps firm, smooth, and rejuvenate our skin while we sleep. Over the days ahead you will wake up with skin that looks younger, firmer and newly defined.

So here we are a week or so later and I must say the creaminess and texture of this cream is amazing and my skin feels so good the next morning. It works as a good neck cream too, so that is a plus!

Price points are good and so is this product.  Now if I could just look like Christy when I pick up the mirror tomorrow!