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Hey There Bright Eyes!

Watching the news for 30 minutes is tough these days.  Not only is the news sad and discouraging, so are the all ads!  The evening news is the worst as we hear everything that could or will go wrong with our bodies as we age.  Depressing!

But there is a BRIGHT spot.  When it comes to skincare we are winners!

As we all know developing eyelid wrinkles is common as we age.  And!  As in anything else we do genetics can also play a role in developing our wrinkles especially on our face and around our eyes. Ugh!

I am so thankful we have such wonderful skincare available to us to help lessen the effects of what I call ‘creases’ in our skin.  I never liked the word wrinkles.  When I was a teenager I had to do a lot of ironing for my mom and I always envisioned I was removing wrinkles in the pillow cases! Creases were on our face!  Oh those were the days!

Modifying lifestyle factors, such as exposure to cigarette smoke and harmful sun rays, reduce our risk for developing these creases. Of course, the decreased production of natural oil in our skin as we age makes the eyelid skin appear more wrinkled. Repeating facial expressions around the eyes also leaves fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, skin loses flexibility and has a difficult time returning to its place.

It’s time to rethink certain habits, such as always drinking with a straw (wrinkles around the mouth) or squinting because you forgot your sunglasses (crow’s feet). The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, making it more prone to those awful creases!  Try to avoid pulling, tugging or stretching that skin each night and choose makeup products that go on and come off easily. As a contact lens wearer I have learned to be cautious not to tug too hard on my eyelid skin when putting in my lenses as well.

“When your eyes look younger, your entire face appears more youthful”. That is the tag line Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare has attached to their new eye cream and serum and honestly I have to agree totally.  C+Collagen Brighten + Firm Eye Cream and Serum.  The super hero eye duo!

I picked up these jewels at the Trend Show last month with Karen and I must say this energizing eye cream which is infused with vitamin C complex dramatically improves the look of tired, aging eyes. It instantly works on fine lines and eye creases and brightens dark circles. I use it after my Alpha Beta Peel Pads and Glow Pads when my skin is clean and ready for treatments.

I apply it in the morning and at night. This super duo can be used around the eye in the orbital area too.  I would suggest however doing the whole eye at night and then under eye only in the morning. When I applied the cream over the whole eye in the morning it did affect my eye makeup.  So just a word of caution if you wear eye makeup like me, use this at night only! Then you can wake up and be amazed at the transformation in your… uh creases – or lack of!

As a side note – Jimmy recently told me about a really cool Beauty App from Sephora.  You can do virtual makeovers and when you find one you like, click on the products and put them in your cart!  I went to Sephora and had the Beauty Stylist apply the products on me and wow! I love this cool way to shop! Great idea Sephora! ** (Then quickly grab your phone and take a selfie while you look fabulous!)

Smile.  Your eyes sparkle when you do. – Pintrest

It’s In The Books – Trend Show 2017


Well, Spring Trend Show ’17 at Nordstrom in Dallas is now history and all I can say is – it did not disappoint.  In fact, in words of my BF Shopping Diva “Best Show Ever!”

As many of my readers know, Karen and I have been enjoying these fun and informative Beauty Trend Shows together for years.  And, as some of you well know you have to get up early for this one! The doors swing wide open at 7:30 am, so you can grab a seat near the runway, complete with coffee and treats and get ready for the show.

And! I must share… besides fabulous new skincare and makeup products there was one other thing new.  For the first time E-V-E-R, I won one of the product drawings!! (And guess what it was??  Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads!  And you know they are my all time favorite product! )

Nordstrom’s Beauty Director, Kevin Sifflet, opened the show with his version of that famous phrase from Grimm’s Fairy tale/aka Snow White: “Mirror mirror on the wall – When did this begin to fall?” which got a big roar of laughter from all attendees.  I think all of us understood that poem all too well.

Complete with a  spring fashion show and introduction of products from many of our favorite line of beauty vendors such as MAC, Trish McEvoy, Chantecaille and YSL, over 400 women (and a very few men) enjoyed the day which was filled with information, makeovers, facials, product demos and beauty.  Lots of it!

I was able to reconnect with several friends from the world of beauty such as Marcus Monson,  who is National Makeup Artist for Chanel now, and make some new ones, too, which is always very special.  But, for now, I wanted to share a few pictures from this year’s show. (Kevin Sifflet, Enrique Starnes-Ortega (DDG Skincare), Pamela Morgan (YSL), and me!)

Over the next few weeks I will share with you some of my favorite beauty products I purchased and you know… they might become some of yours.  So, coupled with Cinco de Mayo festivities, frozen margaritas and the  143rd running of the Kentucky Derby (Patches I was rooting for you, love!) it was a memory making weekend.

Start each day with your lipstick and a beautiful smile. – makeup.com


Labor Day Beauty

You know how when you are introduced to a new product it opens the door to others that are available from that line  as well.  That’s how it is for me with skin care products.  Which is why I looked at the Charcoal Detox  Deep Pore Gel Cleanser by Michael Todd.

Besides the obvious firming effects you will feel on your cleansed face, this cleanser melts away my makeup, dissolves impurities and completely washes away residue without drying out or stripping away at the skin’s natural moisture balance. Plus, the activated charcoal acts like a magnet and penetrates deeply into pores to gently draw out impurities, resulting in a refreshing sensation and clean, smooth, supple skin. It’s my new favorite cleanser.

It’s Labor Day weekend and so many of you have asked about the Sonic Makeup Brush I discussed in a previous post… well, here’s some good news.  The Michael Todd Beauty site is 35% off all Labor Day weekend and that includes my favorite makeup brush.  And! With a $50 purchase and this code MY35LD you get free shipping.

Want another beauty deal?  Dr. Dennis Gross is offering 20%off on his site for all DDG products and no code is needed! Yes, I have my DDG Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel Pads and my DDG Glow Pads for Face and Body.  Do you?

Say the word “sale” and watch a woman’s smile. – Unknown

Exfoliate and Glow

Exfoliating treatments. Daily I use my Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads and have for years. But as the temps cool I add exfoliation to my facials and with the varieties offered, it can be difficult to know which treatment is right for you and your skin. Many exfoliation procedures are very similar when it comes to results, with slight variations in techniques.
But with the holidays upon us it’s time to glow so you want to look for a non-invasive, fast, exfoliation procedure that requires no recovery time so you can shine! Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning may be your answer. Each offers the benefits of advanced exfoliation, including soft, smooth skin, and a healthy, glowing complexion.

Microderms have been one of the top non-surgical treatments used to rejuvenate and renew facial skin. I have used microderm treats for years. It gently removes the top layers of dead, dull skin cells using a crushed diamond-encrusted vacuum suction wand. I tell my husband it’s like sandblasting with a wink! Results in your mirror will show a smooth texture, brighter complexion, as well as the softening of fine lines and wrinkles.

Microderms are not for everyone, however. If you suffer from skin conditions that cause redness or sensitive skin, a microderm may be too harsh for your skin type. In this case, as my favorite ‘glow’ friend, Claudia, explained dermaplaning is a better option.
Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation in which a sharp surgical blade is used to manually scrape off any build-up of dead skin cells on the face. It rids your face of dead skin cells and softens the appearance of fine lines and scarring. This procedure also removes any “peach fuzz.” Following a dermaplane treatment, you see the results immediately as your skin is smooth and radiant.

Both microderm and dermaplaning will leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed and ready for your next holiday party. Celebrate the season! Cheers!

A smile it the prettiest dress you can wear – Unknown

I Confess, I Did DVR NCIS

I am a huge fan of NCIS … even in reruns there’s just something about Jethro Gibbs that just… well… pulls me into each epi, but! I had to DVR Jethro and watch QVC one Tuesday night recently for a product launch I was sooo excited to hear more about. It was all about Alpha Beta® Medi-Spa Peel. Did you see it? After watching Dr. Dennis Gross perform the procedure on a client LIVE I had to try it! Now I didn’t order it from QVC, because it was not going to ship for at least a week so I attended another product launch at Nordstrom two days later… and would you believe? I ended up having to order the product there too. LOL Oh well… but I am telling ya it’s worth the wait.

This Medi-Spa Peel is much like the Alpha Beta 2-Step Peel Pads I have discussed on a previous post, but there is one difference. It’s more intense – as in little more tingling and over time should make Botox only a distant memory. This system is used only once a week either with the Alpha Beta Peel Pads or alone. I am using them together for maximum fine line erasing!

Containing 15 powerful acids which is more than double the amount in original Alpha Beta® Peel pads it will instantly revive the skin. Like the pads, this is a two-step application. The Step 1 pad is thicker and will gently nourish and rejuvenate the skin, while the Step 2 Peptide Milk neutralizes the skin and enhances acid benefits. When I asked Ernique, product rep for DDG Skincare, he remarked it’s for those of us looking to turbo-charge their skincare regimen, improve skin tone, reduce pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving cell turnover. Furthermore, it’s for all skin types.

Apply a presoaked pad to clean, dry skin using broad strokes. After 3-5 minutes, massage Step 2 onto face in upward motion following facial contours. Do not rinse after either step or use products containing alcohol. That’s it! (I think doing this in the evening is better, so you get the full benefit) After two applications I have begun to see a softening in my forehead horizontal lines. Since this box contains 16 applications I am hoping to see lines from my forehead diminished by the holiday season.

Now, if only Jethro will forgive me. You know how men can be when when they don’t have our complete attention. Right girls/guys?