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Jimmy Days

Anyone that knows me knows I think I have the best hairstylist/colorist in my city.  He has been a part of my life for over 21 years so we share many memories and fun times – besides hair!

Jimmy is actually the person, along with Enrique Starnes-Ortega, Senior Account Executive with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, that encouraged me to start my path on beauty blogging several years ago.  Jimmy Moreau is a Color Specialist, Stylist & Make Up Artist at The Crown Salon in Dallas.  My visits with him consist of conversations regarding friends, family or favorite TV shows that we love and then we move on to the the world of beauty – skincare, make-up, and hair.  We have been through so much together but one of the best memories is my first highlighting appointment.  Even though we were watching the weather, it surprised us both that a tornado had touched down in Ft. Worth and was heading our way!  Jimmy remained calm and the bleach, though slow to process, was still quicker than the tornado that followed me home. Ahhh Memories!  LOL

My first visit to Jimmy in 1996 was from a referral from a mom at the high school my daughter attended.  Her hair was beautiful and I had admired it for several years.  So at the concession stand during halftime of a high school football game I walked up to her and told her how much I admired her hair.  And within a week I had my first appointment with Jimmy.  I sat down in the styling chair at Montana’s which happens to be in Texas (go figure!) and Jimmy looked over my color-treated dark permed hair and he said “You can either continue to cover the grey or, you can stop perming your hair. You cannot do both” – and my world, as I knew it, tilted.  But here I am today, with highlighted hair, long, straight, no perm, and little tease, and I love the look.

Bottom line we can all change.  Our hairstyles, our attitude about life and others, our favorite foods and our favorite products. It’s part of life and life is great as long as we don’t sweat the small stuff and that includes frizzy hair!

As you know, I test products all the time through skincare, makeup, and hair.  And I am constantly asking questions.  I recently saw my friend, Pamela Morgan, National Makeup Artist with YSL, who has the amazing job of traveling the world making women beautiful. We were at a recent Trend Show together in May and I text her after she got home.  It was a dreary day in Dallas, but she not only looked fabulous as always, but so did her hair.  “What are you using, I asked??” and she sent me the info I needed.  Being from Los Angeles and living Orlando she said Kendra 25 Hair Spray works the best for humidity.  And now Kendra Hair Spray is part of my hair product drawer, too.

Bottom line listen to your “Jimmy” in your life.  It will show in your hair… and your smile!

“Beauty comes from inside…Inside the hair salon”.  – BehindtheChair.com

Shopping Fun!

I love shopping days with my daughter. Last week we were stopped twice by strangers as we walked through Nordstrom with a declaration of “twins” – probably not a compliment to my daughter, but as her mom I loved the comparison! Both of us use the same hair stylist, Jimmy Moreau with Crown Salon in Highland Park, so our hairstyles are similar in style and color, but! The real key to the identity matter is skincare! My daughter is as faithful to her skincare regimen as her mom, because, again, the Noxzema Queen had a huge influence on both of our lives.

Shopping. We went to Sephora for the big 20% off sale and did we have fun! Proof is reflected on my credit card and all the products in our shopping bag. We met Anthony Stravio, Sales and Education Coordinator for Bobbie Brown where we learned about the history of Bobbie Brown and picked up some great products to try – for all of us! (Did you know that Bobbie Brown launched her lipstick line in 1990 after working with a chemist to find the perfect lipstick shade? When Bobbi’s ten lipsticks launched in 1991 at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, they were an instant success. On her first day Bobbi sold 100 lipsticks—the number she had expected to sell in the first month!)

One of those products I purchased is an artist-inspired palette with Bobbi Brown’s 10 original lip colors, including two shimmers. Inside are twelve nude, bright, and bold shades that can be worn alone or layered to create virtually any lip look. One thing I noticed bout her lipsticks is the creamy feel and semi-matte finish. Each lip color instantly delivers comfortable, rich color and they are formulated with vitamins E and C and beeswax, leaving your lips moisturized for hours. This palette includes lip colors in Salmon, Beige, Raisin, Brown, Rose, Pink, Orange, Blackberry, Burnt Red, Red, Beige Gold, Berry Shimmer, but have fun mixing them too. The combos are endless! These lipsticks are very buildable and that’s where the fun begins!

A smile is happiness you will find right under your nose. – Tom Wilson