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It’s In The Books – Trend Show 2017


Well, Spring Trend Show ’17 at Nordstrom in Dallas is now history and all I can say is – it did not disappoint.  In fact, in words of my BF Shopping Diva “Best Show Ever!”

As many of my readers know, Karen and I have been enjoying these fun and informative Beauty Trend Shows together for years.  And, as some of you well know you have to get up early for this one! The doors swing wide open at 7:30 am, so you can grab a seat near the runway, complete with coffee and treats and get ready for the show.

And! I must share… besides fabulous new skincare and makeup products there was one other thing new.  For the first time E-V-E-R, I won one of the product drawings!! (And guess what it was??  Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads!  And you know they are my all time favorite product! )

Nordstrom’s Beauty Director, Kevin Sifflet, opened the show with his version of that famous phrase from Grimm’s Fairy tale/aka Snow White: “Mirror mirror on the wall – When did this begin to fall?” which got a big roar of laughter from all attendees.  I think all of us understood that poem all too well.

Complete with a  spring fashion show and introduction of products from many of our favorite line of beauty vendors such as MAC, Trish McEvoy, Chantecaille and YSL, over 400 women (and a very few men) enjoyed the day which was filled with information, makeovers, facials, product demos and beauty.  Lots of it!

I was able to reconnect with several friends from the world of beauty such as Marcus Monson,  who is National Makeup Artist for Chanel now, and make some new ones, too, which is always very special.  But, for now, I wanted to share a few pictures from this year’s show. (Kevin Sifflet, Enrique Starnes-Ortega (DDG Skincare), Pamela Morgan (YSL), and me!)

Over the next few weeks I will share with you some of my favorite beauty products I purchased and you know… they might become some of yours.  So, coupled with Cinco de Mayo festivities, frozen margaritas and the  143rd running of the Kentucky Derby (Patches I was rooting for you, love!) it was a memory making weekend.

Start each day with your lipstick and a beautiful smile. – makeup.com


Prince Charming and the Duo

The afterglow of Trend show still surrounds me.  How could it not?  I am encircled by many new and exciting products, a variety of samples for hair, skin and eyes and so much information.  My beauty bag runneth over… seriously!  So much to share in our little circle~ so, where do I start?

One of the highlights of this event was meeting Pamela Morgan, National Make Up Artist YSL Beauty, who  reintroduced me to an amazing pair – Touche Eclat and YSL’s Forever Light Creator or as she calls them Cinderella & Happily Ever After.  And indeed they are!

Over two years ago I blogged on Touche Eclat and referred to it as a 4-second miracle pen.  It’s actually still one of my top reads here at Wrinkle Me Not.  Touche Eclat is really like a touch of your fairy godmother’s magic wand as it adds radiance to your skin. This take-anywhere pen/ brush is amazing as it adds a touch of light as well as concealing shadows and signs of fatigue from the eye area.  As an added plus you can apply it on the hollow of your chin, or try the contour of your lips and the sides of your nose for a flawless look.  You can be your own fairy godmother here.

When I began using Touche Eclat there were only a couple of color options available, but now there are ten colors!  What started with Luminous Radiance, my original, now includes Luminous Almond, Sand, Toffee and more!

And as for ‘Happily Ever After”…  Pamela did introduce me to Forever Light Creator at the show which is paired with Touché Eclate.  I totally love this produce and what it does for my eyes!  Its breakthrough innovation immediately brightens and opens the eye, instantly correcting dark circles and puffiness. This is a fast-absorbing,  lightweight, pearlized formula which  immediately delivers a luminous effect.  Product info states that  over time the eye area looks visibly more even-toned and radiant. Highlight the word *radiant*. I apply it with my serums in the morning and make my bed, etc.  Walk back into the bathroom and it’s a “Wow” moment when I look into the mirror.  No wonder YSL Beauty will tell you one Touche Eclat pen is sold every 6 seconds in America!

Disney moments.  Of course if you team Cinderella and Happily Ever After… there has to be a smiling Prince Charming somewhere right?

My smile is my makeup/ – Unknown